Wishcast Wednesday

Today Jamie asks us
What do you wish for 2010?
For 2010 I wish for the ability to move out of my parents house and live with my boyfriend. For that to happen there are a few things that need to be done by him and myself. He needs to finish remodeling his kitchen and make his bathroom funcational. I need to have some funds together in my bank account and a big kid job would be nice too.


chicken 3.0

I have the body of my chicken completed. I went through two different versions of it to get to what I stuck with. Chicken 3.0 is knitted in a tan yarn and kind of looks like a loaf of bread. I think it would have been funnier for it to stay as a loaf of bread, since it is a toaster cozy. Now I just need to get the tail to look like a chicken's and put a head on it some how. I am happy that I did change it up to what I have now. I might actually get my last two projects completed in time!

I was hoping that having my sister home would be fun and we would do stuff together. I guess that was wrong. I really wanted to get some candy made along with some baklava, but so far that has yet to materialize. We were going to do it together, and today was going to be the only day that I could do most of it, since I had the day off. Oh well boyfriends are much more important then spending time with family.

I got a few of my presents wrapped this afternoon. I just have three/five more to go. I have to find a few more boxes around the house that I can use.

enough typing and not enough knitting and crocheting.


I hate being sick when I have work to do. Not just work work but I have crocheting to do, and a lot of baking that needs to be started. I feel pretty darn awesome. Yesterday I started a sore throat then a fever, ending with sore knees. This morning my throat is still sore and I have a headache that feels like my head is in a vice, pretty much the worst hangover ever. So far I pretty much lost 11 hours of work. I hope that I can make it through work tonight at six. I think I'm going to work even if I'm not feeling better. I need the money so that way I can pay my bills.

My little sister comes home tomorrow. I am very excited to have her around. She is going to help me make caramels and other holiday treats.



I need to get cracking on my last two presents.
I have almost completed one of the glittens. I just have the mitten flap left to do with it. Then on to the second one. I kind of like making them, but they take a while to make and they never turn out the same. This pair is for my brother so they need to be larger then what I would need, but some places I'm confused about how they got so large. I also some how added stitches or didn't use some when putting the fingers on it. So the little finger is a little goofy compared to the others. I have to remember with the flap to no crochet it to tight, otherwise it will be difficult to get it over the wearer's fingers while they are being worn. I hope that I have enough red to get the other glitten complete. I'm almost out of it. Or that I have some more somewhere in my stash of yarn.

With the chicken toaster cozy all that I have done with it is I measured my parents toaster. I need to figure out what color I want it to be. My boyfriend isn't being helpful with that. Its for his kitchen on his toaster. I don't think it'll take me too long to make an open cube with a chicken head on it.

While I am in the process of making these two presents, I am also making some leg warmers for myself. I am tired of wearing jeans or dress pants and still having cold legs in the winter. I am using the leftover wool from my little sister's boyfriend's scarf. I think that the gold will be a nice little surprise of color to have under my pants. I am doing an eyelet pattern that I used to make the hand warmers for my boyfriend's little sister. I figure a little bit of girlyness would be alright to have with my winter apparel. I just hope that winter will still be around when I finish making them. If not there is always next year.

I have also been "commissioned" by my mother to make dish cloths for her co-workers. She bought me the yarn for them about a month ago. I think she got me enough yarn for eight of them. I told her when she got me the yarn that it won't be until the new year when I'll be able to start/finish them. My older sister also wants to "commission" me to knit her a pair of mittens. I told her that I won't get to making that until I learn how to knit with double pointed needles. I'm sure it isn't to hard to do, but I would rather learn from someone who knows how to do it, then teach myself the wrong way. I put commission in quotes because I am sure they won't pay me to these services. Since I am related to them I guess it can be free?


Wishcasting Wednesday

In this week's Wishcasting Wednesday, Jamie asks us What is your spirit wishing for.

My spirit is wishing for travel and not just my usual travel to and from work or to go see my boyfriend. But long distance travel in time and body. It is wishing to see places new and old, to get out of the familiar and into the unfamiliar. I feel as though my spirit has become stuck in a rut and needs to break free from the daily grind of working everyday. My spirit wants to get up and go.


crochet, shop, cat?

I've finally started my brother's glittens. They are going to be the same pattern as my previous ones that I have made only they are going to be red, white and black. I needed to use a larger hook then what I used for the first pair since I added another strain.

Today I spent the day with my older sister. We went shopping at the mall and spent too much money, but had fun doing it. I got a sweater that I have been eyeing up for the last few years, along with a cardigan. We also went to a book store and I convinced my sister to buy me a book. I got The Devil's Queen. It is a novel about Catherine de Medic. So far it is pretty good. I only got one chapter completed.

While we were out I needed to stop at Petco to get a new collar for Kara. I wanted one with a lot of jingle to it. I bought two bells
to go on it. This weekend Petco was having an adoption event. My sister and I saw some insanely cute kittens. There was a little boy that was the last of it's litter. I have wanted to get a kitten for such a long time. I think that the little boy would have been a great addition to my little family (Kara and I). I wasn't able to get him, because I am living at my parents and I will be living with Noah next year. I would need the okay from both of them to get him.


the end is near!

I just finished my maroon and gold scarf. It feels so nice a warm I don't want to give it away. I hope that it's intended owner likes it. Otherwise he can let my sister take it or give it to his sister or mother. I am very excited that I only have three projects left to make along with much baking. I might even have time to get a few more dishcloths finished to give away with my smaller gifts.

Here is a little rundown of have I have made so far for gifts.

Hand warmers for boyfriend's little sister

Necklace for my older sister

dish cloths for mother

Hello Kitty look alike for boyfriend's other sister

Monster for boyfriend's sister's boyfriend

yellow scarf for boyfriend's father

Red and White scarf for boyfriend's mother.


The race is on

I am almost finished. It'll be a race to the finish line but I am sure it will be worth it. I have my two scarfs left to finish, a pair of glittens, and a chicken toaster cozy. Today I am putting the finishing touches on my hand warmer. I just have to put the buttons on the other hand then it is complete. I think that tomorrow evening I am going to knockout my scarves and get one finished and the other one 1/3 for the way complete. Once I get all of my knitting and crocheting finished for my presents I need to start baking. I have two different orders for baklava. One of them is going to be nut-less and low sugar, the other will be the "traditional" with all the unhealthy-ness that it is. I am also going to experiment with different flavors of fudge, I'm thinking cherry, mulberry, and mint. I would like to get around to making caramels but that takes a lot of time, and I will need to have a slave, I mean helper, to wrap them in plastic wrap. With all of this on my to do list I am running out of free time with both jobs increasing my hours.
The past 48 hours I worked 26.5 hours. It is nice to be busy and get paid for it, but I really enjoy sleeping and spending time with my family and loved ones. The only time that I see my family that I don't live with is when they go to my different jobs. Or if I request off from work and go see them.


Wishcasting Wednesday

Today Jamie asks us,
"What is your Winter Wish?"
I would have to say that, my winter wish is for family time. For impromptu family reunions, playing board games and watching movies. I wish for baking with my mother and sisters, watching documentaries that don't really make sense with my father, for general chatting with my little brother. I wish for time with my boyfriend that is a spur of the moment and not planned for three weeks in advance. I wish for knitting with my grandmother and getting her insight on different patterns and learning new stitches with her. I wish for tasty home cooked meals that are one of a kind.


fall is done?

What a weekend, three dollar toasters at Target will make people do strange things. On Friday I got the joy of working at 330am and my boyfriend got the experience of shopping at 4am. He went out to get Target's one dollar towels but got toasters, crockpots, sandwich makers, and coffee makers all for three dollars each. It was a fun morning. A lot of very pleasant costumers. No one was too cranky with their deals. I even got a costumer to open a credit card! Friday evening I got to watch my boyfriend and his bowling team bowl, duh. Then the two of us went out for a little bit.
On Saturday we celebrated his birthday by sleeping in way too late, wrapping Christmas presents at his parents and sushi for dinner. YUM! We then went out for a few drinks at out favorite bar in Whitewater, The Brass Rail.
Sunday we slept in again way too late and had a late lunch/early dinner at his parents and had birthday cheesecake. YUM! When we got back to the boyfriend's house we watched movies and had snacks.
Today we hung up Christmas lights on the front of his house and cleaned off the front porch. It was nice spending time together taking care of his house. I've been telling him for the past few months that I would be more then willing to help him out with it. Now I finally got to do something.
Any who, time to get back to reality and start knitting and laundry.
Happy knitting.


Wishcasting Wednesday

Today Jamie asks us "What steps do you wish to take?"
With this question I need to ask myself, "Where do I start?" There are so many different steps that I wish to take to better myself. There are the steps that I wish to take to become an independent adult, the steps to become a better knitter and crocheter, and the steps that I wish to take to get back into school.

I wish to decide on what steps to take first and make a plan and order as to what to do.

New Hand Warmers

I found a new pattern that I am going to try out for one of my Christmas presents. I am doing a few changes to it. I made one of the patterns and found it to be a little tight. I am making a pair of hand warmers by Marta at Creativeyarn. I really like her patterns and her style. It would be nice if there were some alternative patterns for people who aren't her size.

This is the first pair that I made. It turned out pretty well, but I don't like not tight they turned out and how short they are. With the new pair that I am making they are going to be looser and longer on both ends. I hope with the ones that I am working on now will work better.


Pattern collection #1

I think that I am going to start collecting on my blog all the different items that I want to create, from patterns that I have found online. I will be posting a picture of the item from the pattern along with a link to the original site/pattern.
These are the fingerless gloves I have made earlier this year, but I have another pair to make for Christmas.

I think that these Piggy Mittens are adorable. Since it is
a pdf I don't know how to take the picture out of it. So you'll just have to trust me on how cute they are.

This one I want to make for myself. I don't know if I'll have time to make this one until after the New Year. The author of this blog also has many other beautiful free patterns that she shares with the reader and even more beautiful pieces at her Esty shop.

I hope to do a few more postings like this as I go on in my journey of pattern finding.

~Happy knitting


Yay its Friday!

Things that I am looking forward to for the weekend...

1) Seeing my boyfriend. I am very excited to see him. It has been about two weeks since we've been together.

2) Not working, I will have time for some knitting and crocheting. Hopefully get those two scarves done. Once I get all of my presents finished for Christmas then I can start working on finishing my bunny that I have almost finished, and I want to start making some clothing for myself.

3) Getting out of town. I'm meeting up with the boyfriend in Tomah.


another boy scarf

Making boy scarves that don't look stupid or too girly is hard to do. I have the two that I have been writing about and another one that I pulled apart and restarted just today. This one is for my little sister's boyfriend for Christmas. It is starting to look a little like a tube sock. It is maroon with black with gold and black stripes. They are the his school colors at Minnesota. I hope that he likes it, but if he doesn't I would love to have it, or it can be donated to someone that would love to have some warm wool around their neck. This scarf is going to work out much faster then the wide one that I was working on with these yarns.

Now some fun personal news.

Last Saturday I broke my glasses. It was right after I finished my shift at Younkers. I had to fill out a form for my hours. I was getting warm and pulled my scarf off over my head and bent my glasses almost in half. I took them off to bend them back and snapped them in half. Just yesterday I got my eyes checked and ordered a new pair. I am very excited for these new ones. They are very chic, dark blue (almost black). The earpieces/ sides are rather thick. The nose piece is thicker then my last frames (thats good since that is where I broke my last pair). I now need to wait until the 25th for them to come to me. Soon I can throw away contacts that I have been wearing for five months or longer.

I am very excited for a new look.


making progress

I feel like I am finally making some progress on my present making. Yesterday I completed one of the many scarves that I have been working on. This one is going to my boyfriend's father. I did a faggot stitch with size 15 knitting needles with yellow and white yarn. It is a shorter scarf then what I would like to make, but it was requested to make it short. I really like this stitch. It is a nice open and elegant stitch. It was fun learning this new stitch also.

Tomorrow I need to get close to finishing my grey and red scarf. I asked my sister around how wide I should make it, so now I know. Also, I got the okay on the length of it. That's good because otherwise I would need to pull it all apart and start over again if it was too long.

I finished making dishcloths until the rest of my projects are completed. I have seven of them done. I just need to weave in the ends and then I can say that I am finished with them. I think that will be the very last thing that I'll do before I wrap them up for Christmas. My mother gave me a new pattern that she wants for dishcloths. It is pretty much what I do now but there is a center square that has a different type of stitch in it that I don't know how to do yet. I told her that it'll be a while until I get to learning how to do it.

Today is going to be a fun day filled with work at both Younkers and at Micon. I really hope that I can get out of Micon at a decent time. I know I am their closing usher but sometimes it is nice to get to bed before midnight.


oh no!

"My glasses, I can't see without my glasses!"

Yesterday when I was finished with work I had to stop by costumer service to complete a form. I was pretty warm since I had my coat and scarf on and the building was warm. I took my scarf off over my head and bent my glasses up. I then took them off and tried to bend them down and ended up snapping them in half like a twig.

I now have to wear my contacts in order to see and drive legally.

The next few weeks are going to be awesome.



I have finally made some headway on my dishcloths. Well actually I found one that I made a few years back that I never finished off and I've completed two new ones. If I don't do much else but knit then they work themselves pretty fast, otherwise it can seem like they are taking forever to complete.

To start them you cast on 3 stitches, that way you'll have 4 stitches on the needle. Then you knit 2 and yarn over one then knit across. You continue this until it is the width that if desired and is an even number.
With the ones that I am making now are 44 stitches across.
Once you are at the width that you want, you knit one then knit two stitches together yarn over one and knit two together then knit across. This is then continued until you get back down to 4 stitches. Once you get to 4 you cast off and weave in the ends and pull on on the dish cloth to stretch it out a bit and to tighten the stitches.


no sleep for you!

I am happy that I have my two jobs that both work around each other pretty well. Too bad they don't work around each other and my sleep schedule well.

Last night, when I had finished work at the movie theater, I got home and went right to bed. So I thought. I had kicked Kara, my cat, out of the room that way I wouldn't have her bothering me while I was trying to sleep. She had other plans. Kara wanted, no Needed to sleep with me and wouldn't stop crying until I opened the door to let her in. I finally got to sleep around 12:30 am only to get up and start getting ready for work at 5 am.

Work today was pretty awesome. 7 am punch in and start changing signs for the new sale, that will be changed tomorrow. Once that was finished we had to place all of our new merchandise that we got yesterday. For my whole shift I think I only checked out three costumers that didn't do a pre-sale for Younkers big sale this Saturday. I spent most of my shift running pre sell items from my departments to Costumer Services to get logged in then back to the Community room to be stored until Saturday. I think I had more fun doing that then actually helping my costumers, face-to-face.

anyways, it is time to take a nap.


Wishcasting Wednesday

Today Jamie asks us "What do we Dare ourselves to do?"

I dare myself to get out of my parents house, get back into school, and live on my own without needing monetary help from my parents.

I am an adult now I should be able to find a job that can support myself and pay off my bills, without living to far into the poverty level. If the economy hadn't gone down the toilet then I would have a better change of finding a researching job, work in a museum, work at a performance venue. Instead, college graduates in the Sciences and Arts are reduced to working crummy minimum wage jobs at movie theaters and retail where they get more verbal abuse then any human deserves.

For me to get out of my parents basement I need to get back into school if The United States is going to be how it is now. Public History is not the path of employment. I need a better degree in something that my community finds as being useful.

For the past 23 years of my live I have needed my parents money to help me get by. While I was living "on my own" in college they paid for my rent. Whenever I needed something they were there paying for it. It has never been me paying for that I needed. I have been spoiled. With me being allowed to live at my parents and not pay for anything they are enabling me to keep to my old ways of not being able to manage my money, get a good paying job, and live on my own.

With this post I dare myself with the greatest punishment that I can think of if I cannot complete.


making a list

I wasn't able to get as far on my scarves as I was hoping to yesterday. But this is what I have done so far with one of the scarves. This is the one for my older sister's boyfriend/fiancée. I really hope that he doesn't have an issue with wool or with stuff being wrapped around his neck. I have a friend that has a neck phobia and can't wear stuff around her neck. So hopefully he isn't like that.

This week my goals are to
  • finish this scarf
  • get half of the chicken toaster cozy done
  • figure out the address for where I have to send my loan check to
I know that it isn't much but I'll be pretty busy with work this week. Yesterday I was called in for a three hour shift and ended up staying for an eight hour one. Tonight and tomorrow I am working 12 hours at the movie theatre. Then Thursday I have a short shift at Younkers, only four hours. Friday and Saturday are going to be some nice long shifts of eight hours each.

Next week isn't going to be nearly as bad so far. I figure it'll be filled with much crocheting and knitting.


knit much?

I am so happy that I am not working at Younkers for the next few days. Costumers are messy and just keep buying. It would be different if they would start putting things away when they are done trying them on. Thursday will be a sad day when I come back to work there.

Today I started on another scarf. This one is going to be crocheted with gray and red stripes running the length of the scarf. I have so far one row done and almost done with my second. I think I am going to have it be eight rows wide. I am using a nice wool that I found at my local craft store in Chippewa Falls.

Good thing tomorrow is my day off I get to work on my scarves that I've been working for presents. That way I can hopefully get caught up on everything that I've been working on. I am hoping on getting about half of my two scarves done. I hope that I can get all of these little projects done for Christmas.


No hand warmer for you!

The hand warmer idea that I had for my boyfriend's little sister is a giant flop. Turns out she has beefy hands like mine so they wouldn't fit her. Now I am working on a hat for her to replace her bad Christmas present. The pattern that I am using is by The Crafty Beaver. They have a few different patterns on their blog. I haven't had much luck with hat patterns so I am hoping that this one will turn out well enough to give away.


hand warmers

Last night I finished a pair of hand warmers for a Christmas present. I hope that they fit her hands. I sewn them together to fit my hands. So, hopefully her hands aren't as beefy as mine. I made this pair out of a nice purple wool. This is the second pair of hand warmers that I've made from the site. The author most defiantly has much smaller hands then I do. I was worried that the right hand would take longer then the left hand since I had to read the pattern backwards, but it only took a few hours to complete.

I am now back to working on knitting a scarf for my little sister's boyfriend for Christmas. I really hope that this scarf isn't going to hold me up on my present making. I still have dishcloths, a pair of glittens, two more scarves, a chicken toaster cozy, and something for my father. I am slowly making progress with them. I wish they were going faster. Pretty much I just need a day or two off to stay up and knit/crochet.



Earlier this week I was looking at different patterns that I would like to create, and I came across a blog that has the most amazing crocheted necklaces and knit items. A bunch of her patterns are right on the blog.
After drooling over a bunch of her patterns I decided to start making
one of them. This is what I have completed so far. I just have the flower to do. It is a fairly easy pattern to follow. I think I am going to make another one of her other necklaces to give two of them to my older sister for her Christmas present.

I am very happy that there are people out there that are making patterns for pretty things that are elegant and crocheted!


do I like to sleep?

I was told by my mother that the scarf that I was just starting isn't one that a man would wear. So, today is going to be spent looking at different patterns and yarns that I have to make a manly scarf.

Tonight I get the joy of working the midnight showing of the Michael Jackson movie, This is It. I am very excited for the movie, not so much having to have to stay up until 3am tomorrow. I am pretty happy that I will not be the only staff member working tonight for the showing. I will be the last person, not a manager, in the building seeing how I am the closing usher tonight. I am pretty darn lucky that I am not on the schedule to work tomorrow at Younkers. If I were to be on the schedule for tomorrow it would be a very interesting day of no sleep.


Project craziness

One scarf done two to go. The one that I have finished is a combination of knit for a row and purl for a row. It was very easy to complete, only taking a little over a day to do. I actually ran out of yarn for the fringe. So, I need to go and buy some more of it. I need to learn how to block this piece since it is rolling in on itself. It is a thick tube scarf as of now. I am hoping to have it all completed by the end of the week and in hiding until I wrap it for Christmas in December.

I have started on the second scarf now too. It is also a knit but just a plane straight up knit. It is going to be for my older sister's fiance, Jason, for Christmas to wear with his leather jacket.
I haven't gotten very far with it yet, because I did start it around midnight last night. Tomorrow is my day off for the week so I'll be doing much more knitting to get this scarf completed by the end of the day.

I did complete my little monster on time. He is a totally orginl creation of mine, since I wasn't able to find a pattern for what I wanted. He is now going to live with my little kitty until
Christmas also. He is about five inches tall and has one beefy arm and is top heavy. But I think he is very cute and will be enjoyed at the household that he is intended for.

Soon I will need to start up my glitten making factory again. I have two pairs that I think that I am going to make for Christmas, another red and white pair and a purple and white pair. I hope that I can make them to fit the hands of the people that I want them to go to.

Once I get all of my Christmas presents completed I have a bunch of dishcloths to make for my mother to give out to her co-workers. I am very happy that I don't have school work on top of all these projects and work. I would be going crazy with everything that needs to get done.



I've been working on a one of a kind monster these past few days. This is what I have done so far. This is going to a Christmas present for my friend Zak. I am planning on giving the monster feet tonight. He is going to be in the seated position once I am finished with him. This little guy is going to be about the same height as this little kitty. These two are intended for the same house. I hope that both of the going to be new owners like what I have made for them. I'm sure that they will like them. I just hope that they don't expect big items from me, since I am making all of my presents.

I really need to get cracking on my other presents. All that I have finished is the kitty and a scarf. I still need to make three more scarves, a toaster cozy, a pair of glittens, four dish cloths (or more) and figure out what I am going to make for my boyfriend's little sister. ACK! I might need to enlist the aid of a friend to help me finish all of these.

I have about a third of a dish cloth done out of the four of them. I think the rest of them that I make are going to be my "standard" pattern and not as fancy as that I am doing now. The pattern that I have going right now is knit for 4 rows then knit 4, purl 4, into a checker board or sorts. Maybe I'll do two of these ones then back to my "standard" to get things moving again.

I think for the scarves I am going to knit them for a change of pace. Or maybe even a combo of knit and crochet. I don't know. It'll come to me once I get going with things.

Any who, time to get back to knitting!



I'm trying my luck in making my own pattern. I was even going to buy a pattern but I wasn't able to find what I was looking for. I am in the process of making a Frankenstein Monster. What I am doing for the head is five different squares (two all black, one green and two black and green) I hope that it turns out alright. I hope that he doesn't turn out too goofy. Good thing he is a monster and I don't think I can actually call him a Frankenstein Monster. There will be pictures to come as more of it gets done.

I've been getting sick again. This time it is more on an annoyance then anything else. My joints hurt, and my nose keeps running. I am very tired but not tired enough to justify a nap so late in the day. I ended up calling in to work tonight. I really hope that I can work for them tomorrow night. I guess it depends on how I feel tomorrow when I am done with my other job. I really hope that I get over this soon. I am tired of always being sick.



Yay birthday weekend! I am off from work and going to travel down to see the boyfriend and my other friends in the area. It's going to be a fun/nice little break from being on my feet all day and needing to make other people have good experiences while they yell at me. I'm excited. I'm going to be bringing my friend, Cody, down to Watertown to be picked up by his girlfriend, Juli, So I have to wait until he gets done with work and drives the two hours down here. Then we are going to drive the three/ three. five hours down together. Tomorrow I AM going to eat sushi for lunch then stop by my boyfriend's parents to hang out for a little while. Then for dinner Juli is making me a birthday dinner. After dinner I need to go on campus to watch my brother and a friend from work at their last marching band competition. Once that is done I am going out for a few drinks at the Brass Rail in Whitewater.

I have been busy with my crocheting again. This time it is something for myself. I am making a bunny. Right now I have the body, arms and one leg completed.
I am very excited that it is actually turning out how the picture on the pattern looks. I am using cotton Sugar and Creme yarn in an off white for the body the nose is a Simply Soft rose color. The eyes are a plastic doll eyes 18mm size. I hope to finish it once I get back from my birthday weekend.


Working for "The Man"

I feel like I have become a slave to the man. Just yesterday I worked 14 hours! That means that 10 of them I wasn't at work and only 3 of them where before noon. I think I was only awake for 5 hours that I wasn't working yesterday. Today is a little better I was up at 4:30 to get to work by 6:30 and was done with work at 1:45. I'm now waiting to go back to work at 6 to be there until 12ish. Why did I let myself do this?


A Break?

I've finished my teddy bear. This is him with one arm attached. Here he is all finished.

With finishing the bear I am taking a break from all the crocheting that I've done. I am now starting up knitting again. Only fitting since my site is knitting-bridget. Here's what I have have so far. This is my first project that I have purled in EVER. I just learned how to do it recently.
This project is a dish cloth that has a butterfly on it. In person it looks very goofy. But for being my first purled project it isn't too bad. I am planning on making a pile of dish cloths for my older sister and my mother for Christmas. I am really enjoying making people presents that are useable. and not something that will just sit around.
I need to make a list of what I am going to make and for who.
Lets see...
Allison and Mom = Dish cloths at least four total
Drew = Glittens
Leah = Hello Kitty
Lloyd = scarf
Donna = scarf to match glittens
Noah = Chicken toaster cozy
Courtney =
Lorelei =
Zak =


100th Posting!

This is my hundredth posting. I was toying around with doing a give-away, but I'm not experienced enough with how they work on the givers end to do it, that is what I feel anyways. Also, I don't think that many people actually read this blog to make it worth my while. So, I think what I'll do is just say expect more to come in the future. Maybe I'll do a late celebration of it. Maybe I'll do a 150th posting celebration/ give-away thing.

Tomorrow I am driving out to Green Bay to pick up my little sister. While I am out there she is going to show me campus, that way I will think it is more then a swamp. Maybe even see some of her art work that she has done and is working on. I'll have to make sure to bring my camera to document this occasion. We are going to be meeting up with our aunt that lives there, and maybe even our uncle, for dinner. On our way back we are going to be stopping in Wausau where I am planning on selling one of my German Bows to a friend of mine.


What I've been working on

Last night I almost completed my kitty for my older sister. I am using a pattern that I found at Crochet Pattern Central this pattern was written by Ana Paula published on her blog Ana Paula's Amigurumi Patterns.
This is before I sewn the head to the body. Shortly afterwards one of the eyes fell off.

This is with the head attached to the body and the arms also attached. My little sister said that it looks like a chicken.This is the front with newly attached ears.

This is a view of the back with a little bit of the tail. Front again. I still have the eyeball to attach and I need to reinforce the eye that is still attached so it too won't fall off.

Also Last night I started to make a teddy bear. I found the pattern on the same website but it is published by crochetme.com. So far I have the head completed.
Tonight I am planning on working on the body and hopefully I'll have it done by next week to take with me to give to my boyfriend's father. He's pretty big on pirates from what I've been told. I wanted to make him something but didn't know what to do so he is getting a pirate teddy bear for now.

I did start on making my first hat to donate, but it wasn't turning out right. I'll give it another shot later on.