Yay birthday weekend! I am off from work and going to travel down to see the boyfriend and my other friends in the area. It's going to be a fun/nice little break from being on my feet all day and needing to make other people have good experiences while they yell at me. I'm excited. I'm going to be bringing my friend, Cody, down to Watertown to be picked up by his girlfriend, Juli, So I have to wait until he gets done with work and drives the two hours down here. Then we are going to drive the three/ three. five hours down together. Tomorrow I AM going to eat sushi for lunch then stop by my boyfriend's parents to hang out for a little while. Then for dinner Juli is making me a birthday dinner. After dinner I need to go on campus to watch my brother and a friend from work at their last marching band competition. Once that is done I am going out for a few drinks at the Brass Rail in Whitewater.

I have been busy with my crocheting again. This time it is something for myself. I am making a bunny. Right now I have the body, arms and one leg completed.
I am very excited that it is actually turning out how the picture on the pattern looks. I am using cotton Sugar and Creme yarn in an off white for the body the nose is a Simply Soft rose color. The eyes are a plastic doll eyes 18mm size. I hope to finish it once I get back from my birthday weekend.

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