hand warmers

Last night I finished a pair of hand warmers for a Christmas present. I hope that they fit her hands. I sewn them together to fit my hands. So, hopefully her hands aren't as beefy as mine. I made this pair out of a nice purple wool. This is the second pair of hand warmers that I've made from the site. The author most defiantly has much smaller hands then I do. I was worried that the right hand would take longer then the left hand since I had to read the pattern backwards, but it only took a few hours to complete.

I am now back to working on knitting a scarf for my little sister's boyfriend for Christmas. I really hope that this scarf isn't going to hold me up on my present making. I still have dishcloths, a pair of glittens, two more scarves, a chicken toaster cozy, and something for my father. I am slowly making progress with them. I wish they were going faster. Pretty much I just need a day or two off to stay up and knit/crochet.

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