I have finally made some headway on my dishcloths. Well actually I found one that I made a few years back that I never finished off and I've completed two new ones. If I don't do much else but knit then they work themselves pretty fast, otherwise it can seem like they are taking forever to complete.

To start them you cast on 3 stitches, that way you'll have 4 stitches on the needle. Then you knit 2 and yarn over one then knit across. You continue this until it is the width that if desired and is an even number.
With the ones that I am making now are 44 stitches across.
Once you are at the width that you want, you knit one then knit two stitches together yarn over one and knit two together then knit across. This is then continued until you get back down to 4 stitches. Once you get to 4 you cast off and weave in the ends and pull on on the dish cloth to stretch it out a bit and to tighten the stitches.

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