What I've been working on

Last night I almost completed my kitty for my older sister. I am using a pattern that I found at Crochet Pattern Central this pattern was written by Ana Paula published on her blog Ana Paula's Amigurumi Patterns.
This is before I sewn the head to the body. Shortly afterwards one of the eyes fell off.

This is with the head attached to the body and the arms also attached. My little sister said that it looks like a chicken.This is the front with newly attached ears.

This is a view of the back with a little bit of the tail. Front again. I still have the eyeball to attach and I need to reinforce the eye that is still attached so it too won't fall off.

Also Last night I started to make a teddy bear. I found the pattern on the same website but it is published by crochetme.com. So far I have the head completed.
Tonight I am planning on working on the body and hopefully I'll have it done by next week to take with me to give to my boyfriend's father. He's pretty big on pirates from what I've been told. I wanted to make him something but didn't know what to do so he is getting a pirate teddy bear for now.

I did start on making my first hat to donate, but it wasn't turning out right. I'll give it another shot later on.

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