crochet, shop, cat?

I've finally started my brother's glittens. They are going to be the same pattern as my previous ones that I have made only they are going to be red, white and black. I needed to use a larger hook then what I used for the first pair since I added another strain.

Today I spent the day with my older sister. We went shopping at the mall and spent too much money, but had fun doing it. I got a sweater that I have been eyeing up for the last few years, along with a cardigan. We also went to a book store and I convinced my sister to buy me a book. I got The Devil's Queen. It is a novel about Catherine de Medic. So far it is pretty good. I only got one chapter completed.

While we were out I needed to stop at Petco to get a new collar for Kara. I wanted one with a lot of jingle to it. I bought two bells
to go on it. This weekend Petco was having an adoption event. My sister and I saw some insanely cute kittens. There was a little boy that was the last of it's litter. I have wanted to get a kitten for such a long time. I think that the little boy would have been a great addition to my little family (Kara and I). I wasn't able to get him, because I am living at my parents and I will be living with Noah next year. I would need the okay from both of them to get him.

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  1. Cute!
    I've enjoyed catching up on all of your projects. So creative. I may need to commission you in the future. Too many choices!
    Hope Kara is enjoying her bells!