Wishcasting Wednesday

Today Jamie asks us to think about 

What do you wish to savour?

I wish to savour the foods that my grandparents taught me how to make. 
There is Potica and Baklava that I have learned to make by my grandmother because they have
 been traditional desserts at my
 great-grandparents brought over
 with them from Croatia. 


Then from my German family on both sides of my family there is pork chops with a heaping side of sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. Pretty much anything that is typical of Midwestern American food. Tasteless, overcooked and juicy. Almost what one would think of as typical farm food/ fresh from the garden. 

I enjoy cooking foods that the recipes have been passed down through the generations as a way of keeping the past alive and connecting with my ancestors and the countries that they came from. I know that there are many more countries that my family is from. I just do not feel the same connection to them as I do to my German families and my Croatian family. I am sure as time passes that I will become connected with them. 



Today has been a very productive day. I went all around campus turning in forms and collecting information and requesting more. First I turned in the text books of the guy that I am renting his room from. Then I went over to the Registrar's Office to ask about enrollment verification. Then I saw that I go through them to have your transcript sent to different places. After that I went over to the Library to print off different forms and order my transcript to be sent over to Red Wing
Then I went to Student Financial Services to turn in my request for my $100 enrollment deposit. Then I had to run back over to Goodhue Hall to turn in my housing deposit of $125 back. Once I got back from requesting all of this money I went to the Post Office to pay my rent and buy cleaning supplies. 
Now I just need to figure out what is going on with my old health insurance and their claim that they are trying to file. They gave me a number that is no longer in service. How the heck to do expect people to get in contact with them to send them the information that they request?


Family Time Fun Time?

I went back to my parents this past weekend to visit and check out Red Wing, MN. I got to send some time with my sisters, parents and grandmother. It was a nice little weekend vacation with little fighting compared to previous visits home. 

Here are some pictures 
from our little road trip to Red Wing, MN with my sisters. 

We started out in Eau Claire.  This is our route that
the GPS took us on.  We went through the bluffs. It was a very beautiful 
drive through a bunch of farmland and rolling hills.
While we were driving Courtney introduced us to a new game "My Cows" When you see a group of cows you have to yell out "My cows!" before the 
people that you are playing it with. And whenever you go by a cemetery you have to yell out "Your cows!" saying that all of your cows have died and you start over with zero cows. The idea 
of the game is to have to most cows by the end of your trip. You are not able to re-claim cows or cemeteries on return trips. 

an hour and a half we finally made it to Red Wing, MN. We drove around a little bit and found out that it is a long city that isn't very wide. It is a nice little touristy city during the summertime. There is one shop there that is called "Uffda." It is a Scandinavian shop that has different gifts that have Norwegian and Swedish influences. There was also this one shop that had a bunch of different "stuff"
 (to put it nicely) They had tomato, dirt, and holy water smelling perfumes. There was also a bookshelf full of different salt and pepper shakers! 

Overall, the trip to Red Wing was fun and enjoyable. I have some ideas of places to apply for work when I move. I have yet to find a place to live, because everything 
is for multiple people or pretty pricey. I am sure that something will come my way eventually. 

This past Sunday I went with my family over to Greenwood for the Dairy Days Parade. It was fun the best part of the parade, as always, were the Shriners. 
They are the most enjoyable to watch.

 I also saw one of my friends from Whitewater. He is the band director at Loyal and his band was marching in the parade. They were also enjoyable to watch. They have improved a lot over the years. The now play their parade music memorized and are almost all marching in tempo. They do fancy foot work and played some fun music that the audience enjoyed listening to. 


granny squares galore!

I believe that I am done with the hat. I am going to take it to him tonight to see how it works on him. I really hope that I am done with it. 
I've been doing granny squares like a crazy women. Yesterday I did two of them one a 3D flower and the other a palm tree. Now I am working on a 2D flower. I just need to finish them all off  by tucking in the yarn. Soon I will be connecting my squares together to create my blanket and first major crocheted project that I've ever done. 
If anyone is interested in the patterns for either of these two squares I can send you the link that I found to them. I am unable to publish the pattern for the flower square, so just to keep it simple I will give you the link if requested.


My new projects

This is the scarf that I just finished this afternoon. I run out of one of the yarns that I was using then added the purple that I used in the fringe. I think that I will be giving this one away to my boyfriend's sister as part of her graduation present. What I did to create this scarf was after chaining however long I wanted it to be I then did three double stitches into one of the chain stitches then chained three and repeat. I then did this until it was to a length that I wanted it to be. Then I finished it off with fringe of both colors that I used in the body of the scarf.

I am now working on finishing a hat that I've been "working" on since November. If it were for me I would be very close to finished. I think that I have to do about ten more rounds then it will be long enough to cover his ears. 
This is how it looks on me and his head is larger then mine. 
Hopefully I can get this done before I move out of Whitewater next month. 
Today will be a good day to get all of this done. I have nothing major planned to do. Just sit around and crochet, maybe watch a little television and eat some. 

I also have another project that I've put on hold until I find my crochet hook that I was using earlier with it. I've been trying to make a bunch of granny squares to put together into a blanket. 
When I moved back to Whitewater I lost it in transit. So, now I
 have just two squares done out of the 50 or so that I will need to finish it. But anyways here is what they look like now. This pattern is not the traditional granny square that I think of when I think of granny squares, but it works. I am going to be making squares of different sizes to put together as a puzzle of sorts. I think it would be really cool. And this way I will be using most of the yarn that I have. Which is goal number two for the summer, use as much of yarn as I can without buying anything new.

Time to get back to crocheting to finish these projects.


Wishcasting Wednesday

Today Jamie asks us to think about
What do you wish for your body?

I wish that I can go a day without the joint pain that I have recently come to except as part of my daily life. Everyday for at least an hour I need to wear my wrist brace. My legs are still tired from the 5 hours that I work yesterday. My back is always "killing" me. My hips crack and creek with every step I take. With all of these joint issues one would be surprised to find that I am just 23 years old. I have my whole life ahead of me. 

I just want to go a day without the pain.



I still cannot find a place to live this next year in the Red Wing area. I found something in my budget last night and sent the landlord an email within an hour of finding it. I got an email back this morning saying that it is already rented. I am not having fun searching for a place to live when I am a few hours away from the location.  Maybe I should wait a year to go back to school and get a second job in the Janesville area. That way I can "save" some money for school inset of just jumping into it with no money. 

I am just worried that if I do take a year off that I won't go back.

I really want to become a luthier and have my own shop in the area. But I also want to not be broke and be able to afford to go to school.


Wishcasting Wednesday

Today Jamie asks us What is your wish for June?

For this June I wish to complete the goals that I have put before myself, figure out what I need to do to become  student for the Fall semester at Red Wing, MN. I am so close to going to school again. I just don't want it to be one silly little thing that keeps me from going. 
Also, I wish to get a chance to get out in the great weather that we have been having and go for a walk. I wish to get to do fun things and go sightseeing at different places in Wisconsin. 

gripes about life

Who ever is the lucky man that gets me for the rest of their life is in for a handful. I have come to realize and I'm very close to excepting that I will be an unbalanced woman with crazy hormones that will throw me on an emotional roller coaster for a few days. The way I see it, the only remedy for this, if some one is around when this goes on is just a big hug, or if no one is around just take a nap. One way that this could be solved completely is medication. Put me back on The Pill and some of this craziness will be avoided. Saving me some embarrassment and grief to all around. Right now I am certain that Noah thinks that I am crazy for how I was yesterday. He hates it when I cry for no good reason, or when it is a stupid reason and I don't tell him why. He really puts up with a lot of what I put him through very well. I don't appreciate him enough. 

Another thing that have been slowly eating away at me is Red Wing. I am supposed to be going to school there this next fall, but I have no idea what else I need to do to be able to register for classes. I am fairly certain that I need to do something more. But I am not sure as to what it is. There is one lady that I have been dealing with that has been no help at all. There is this one guy that is a teacher there that recommended another lady in Admissions, I am being hopeful that she will be the one that knows what else I need to do. I also have not heard from their Financial Aid office. So I am guessing that all is going well with that department. If I don't know what else I need to do by mid July, I am not going to be going to school in the Fall. I will need to quickly find a place to live for the year.

Speaking about places to live. I thought that I had picked a good place to live for the summer. I come downstairs to eat a piece of cake to find a notice that if the electric bill isn't paid up by the 8th that it is getting disconnected. I am living in a house that housed idiots! This is great. I thought that they were paid up when I moved in. Their bill is well over $1,000 there is no way that I will pay any of this bill, because it is for this past month. With a bill that large, they must not have paid it once during the school year.