A Break?

I've finished my teddy bear. This is him with one arm attached. Here he is all finished.

With finishing the bear I am taking a break from all the crocheting that I've done. I am now starting up knitting again. Only fitting since my site is knitting-bridget. Here's what I have have so far. This is my first project that I have purled in EVER. I just learned how to do it recently.
This project is a dish cloth that has a butterfly on it. In person it looks very goofy. But for being my first purled project it isn't too bad. I am planning on making a pile of dish cloths for my older sister and my mother for Christmas. I am really enjoying making people presents that are useable. and not something that will just sit around.
I need to make a list of what I am going to make and for who.
Lets see...
Allison and Mom = Dish cloths at least four total
Drew = Glittens
Leah = Hello Kitty
Lloyd = scarf
Donna = scarf to match glittens
Noah = Chicken toaster cozy
Courtney =
Lorelei =
Zak =

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