I need to get cracking on my last two presents.
I have almost completed one of the glittens. I just have the mitten flap left to do with it. Then on to the second one. I kind of like making them, but they take a while to make and they never turn out the same. This pair is for my brother so they need to be larger then what I would need, but some places I'm confused about how they got so large. I also some how added stitches or didn't use some when putting the fingers on it. So the little finger is a little goofy compared to the others. I have to remember with the flap to no crochet it to tight, otherwise it will be difficult to get it over the wearer's fingers while they are being worn. I hope that I have enough red to get the other glitten complete. I'm almost out of it. Or that I have some more somewhere in my stash of yarn.

With the chicken toaster cozy all that I have done with it is I measured my parents toaster. I need to figure out what color I want it to be. My boyfriend isn't being helpful with that. Its for his kitchen on his toaster. I don't think it'll take me too long to make an open cube with a chicken head on it.

While I am in the process of making these two presents, I am also making some leg warmers for myself. I am tired of wearing jeans or dress pants and still having cold legs in the winter. I am using the leftover wool from my little sister's boyfriend's scarf. I think that the gold will be a nice little surprise of color to have under my pants. I am doing an eyelet pattern that I used to make the hand warmers for my boyfriend's little sister. I figure a little bit of girlyness would be alright to have with my winter apparel. I just hope that winter will still be around when I finish making them. If not there is always next year.

I have also been "commissioned" by my mother to make dish cloths for her co-workers. She bought me the yarn for them about a month ago. I think she got me enough yarn for eight of them. I told her when she got me the yarn that it won't be until the new year when I'll be able to start/finish them. My older sister also wants to "commission" me to knit her a pair of mittens. I told her that I won't get to making that until I learn how to knit with double pointed needles. I'm sure it isn't to hard to do, but I would rather learn from someone who knows how to do it, then teach myself the wrong way. I put commission in quotes because I am sure they won't pay me to these services. Since I am related to them I guess it can be free?

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