This is the cat sweater that I just finished for Kara. It is a little too short and a little too tight at the bottom of it. I will be making another one for her in a few weeks. I need to finish the rest of my projects before I can even start another sweater. 


procrastination and love

Lately I've found myself starting different knitting/crocheting projects and not finishing them. It has been an issue of mine for as long as I've been working yarn. But this time my procrastination has gotten really bad. I have either on the needle or hook: Glittens (from Christmas), Dishcloths, Handle covers, tank top, cat sweater, hand warmers and scarf, and I'm sure that there are others in my bin of yarn too. I think I need to take a week off from work to finish these beauties. I really need to work on finishing my two projects that I am getting paid to do.

I'm fallen in love again with family trees. I have a hard copy of mine that I had finished a few years ago. Now I am working on putting it online at Geni. In the process of doing so I found that I might have created a family that doesn't exist. I have realized that by putting this up here I can spend many days working on it, making sure that dates and names are correct.


Late night inspiration

For some reason I always feel inspired to be crafty at the strangest times. It is twenty to midnight and I feel the urge to create something that is functional yet a piece of art. I think that when this happens I need to write it down in a craft notebook for when I need a little inspiration. I really wish I was awake enough to run with it, but if I were to start anything now I would fall asleep shortly after I began.

What do you do when you are inspired to do something?


knitter/crocheter for hire!

I was randomly checking my facebook profile and found that I got my first paid commissioned job! My friend, the lovely Janalyn, asked me to knit her some handwarmers and a long scarf. With this project I get to have fun. I only have to make it Kelly Green and soft. She wants them to be trendy but timeless. For the scarf I am thinking about doing a lace of sorts, but with every pattern that I have done it hasn't turned out correctly. With the handwarmers I am thinking about changing a pattern that I found at Creativeyarn, but still using the moss stitch and changing the rest of it.

**Pictures will come once I get something actually finished.**

I have been commissioned to do different projects before, but this is the first for money. I have been asked to knit dishcloths, scarves, hats, glittnes, tubes/handle bar covers, and ties. I still have many different projects that I need to finish. I hope that I can get it
done fast enough so she can use her items still this year.

Now on a completely different note. I have a new old car. My Oldsmobile has bit the dust. There was some electrical issues
with it that my father didn't want to deal with. So, he purchased me a 2001 Pontiac Grand AM GT. It is definitely an upgrade from old lady car to hip young boy cruising car.


I got crab?

The other day I found a pattern for a crocheted crab. In the description of it it said something about how it could be used as a cat toy. So I grabbed some red yarn and set to it. It was very easy to do since you just crochet a circle, fold it in half, seam it up and add legs. I added to it a little cat bell that I had sitting around the house. I gave it to my cat Kara. I don't think that she really cares much about it. I don't really remember where I got the pattern from. It was a really cute idea and I wish that I had thought of it first.

I am still in the process of making my yellow shirt. I think that I am making it too wide, maybe it'll shrink when it gets washed? Not much has really changed in that front.

I'm still working mucho hours at Younkers and at Micon. Today I have the daytime off from work, but I'm closing tonight at the theatre. I can't wait till I can say that I work at just one job or have a vacation.

Speaking of vacation, I really want to go to Spring Green, WI. It is the home of Frank Lloyd
Wright, The House on the Rock, and many other beautiful scenes.
Pretty much I just want to go out and see things. I want to spend time with my boyfriend and not have to worry about what I have to do when I get back to work. From what it sounds like there is a ton of things to do in Spring Green. On my birthday weekend they are having a local artist festival, that sounds really neat. The city itself is "The Birthday Town".


busy little bee

I've been pretty busy these past few days and there is little to no sign of it easing up. I'm in the middle of "Work Marathon" February edition. Pretty much ever since I got home from my mini vacation last month I've been working at one of my jobs. I won't have a day off from work until next week Friday. I am also in the process of getting Valentines weekend off from both jobs. I really hope that I can find someone to work for me.

Last night I started crocheting a top for myself. There will be pictures up once there is something worth photographing. Until then here is the link to the pattern that I am using. I think you'll need to sign in to Lion Brand Yarn Company to view it. I'm making it yellow since I have so much yellow yarn. I hope to use it all (or most of it) up with this project.


HOBO is awesome

My mini vacation was AWESOME! It ended up being two days longer then originally planned. While I was gone I had to buy my mother some flower pots. We went to HOBO in West Allis. It was a great place. I got five different beautiful flower pots for $12.00. The most expensive one was maybe five bucks.