knit much?

I am so happy that I am not working at Younkers for the next few days. Costumers are messy and just keep buying. It would be different if they would start putting things away when they are done trying them on. Thursday will be a sad day when I come back to work there.

Today I started on another scarf. This one is going to be crocheted with gray and red stripes running the length of the scarf. I have so far one row done and almost done with my second. I think I am going to have it be eight rows wide. I am using a nice wool that I found at my local craft store in Chippewa Falls.

Good thing tomorrow is my day off I get to work on my scarves that I've been working for presents. That way I can hopefully get caught up on everything that I've been working on. I am hoping on getting about half of my two scarves done. I hope that I can get all of these little projects done for Christmas.

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