I'm trying my luck in making my own pattern. I was even going to buy a pattern but I wasn't able to find what I was looking for. I am in the process of making a Frankenstein Monster. What I am doing for the head is five different squares (two all black, one green and two black and green) I hope that it turns out alright. I hope that he doesn't turn out too goofy. Good thing he is a monster and I don't think I can actually call him a Frankenstein Monster. There will be pictures to come as more of it gets done.

I've been getting sick again. This time it is more on an annoyance then anything else. My joints hurt, and my nose keeps running. I am very tired but not tired enough to justify a nap so late in the day. I ended up calling in to work tonight. I really hope that I can work for them tomorrow night. I guess it depends on how I feel tomorrow when I am done with my other job. I really hope that I get over this soon. I am tired of always being sick.

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