Wishcast Wednesday

Today Jamie asks us
What do you wish for 2010?
For 2010 I wish for the ability to move out of my parents house and live with my boyfriend. For that to happen there are a few things that need to be done by him and myself. He needs to finish remodeling his kitchen and make his bathroom funcational. I need to have some funds together in my bank account and a big kid job would be nice too.


chicken 3.0

I have the body of my chicken completed. I went through two different versions of it to get to what I stuck with. Chicken 3.0 is knitted in a tan yarn and kind of looks like a loaf of bread. I think it would have been funnier for it to stay as a loaf of bread, since it is a toaster cozy. Now I just need to get the tail to look like a chicken's and put a head on it some how. I am happy that I did change it up to what I have now. I might actually get my last two projects completed in time!

I was hoping that having my sister home would be fun and we would do stuff together. I guess that was wrong. I really wanted to get some candy made along with some baklava, but so far that has yet to materialize. We were going to do it together, and today was going to be the only day that I could do most of it, since I had the day off. Oh well boyfriends are much more important then spending time with family.

I got a few of my presents wrapped this afternoon. I just have three/five more to go. I have to find a few more boxes around the house that I can use.

enough typing and not enough knitting and crocheting.


I hate being sick when I have work to do. Not just work work but I have crocheting to do, and a lot of baking that needs to be started. I feel pretty darn awesome. Yesterday I started a sore throat then a fever, ending with sore knees. This morning my throat is still sore and I have a headache that feels like my head is in a vice, pretty much the worst hangover ever. So far I pretty much lost 11 hours of work. I hope that I can make it through work tonight at six. I think I'm going to work even if I'm not feeling better. I need the money so that way I can pay my bills.

My little sister comes home tomorrow. I am very excited to have her around. She is going to help me make caramels and other holiday treats.



I need to get cracking on my last two presents.
I have almost completed one of the glittens. I just have the mitten flap left to do with it. Then on to the second one. I kind of like making them, but they take a while to make and they never turn out the same. This pair is for my brother so they need to be larger then what I would need, but some places I'm confused about how they got so large. I also some how added stitches or didn't use some when putting the fingers on it. So the little finger is a little goofy compared to the others. I have to remember with the flap to no crochet it to tight, otherwise it will be difficult to get it over the wearer's fingers while they are being worn. I hope that I have enough red to get the other glitten complete. I'm almost out of it. Or that I have some more somewhere in my stash of yarn.

With the chicken toaster cozy all that I have done with it is I measured my parents toaster. I need to figure out what color I want it to be. My boyfriend isn't being helpful with that. Its for his kitchen on his toaster. I don't think it'll take me too long to make an open cube with a chicken head on it.

While I am in the process of making these two presents, I am also making some leg warmers for myself. I am tired of wearing jeans or dress pants and still having cold legs in the winter. I am using the leftover wool from my little sister's boyfriend's scarf. I think that the gold will be a nice little surprise of color to have under my pants. I am doing an eyelet pattern that I used to make the hand warmers for my boyfriend's little sister. I figure a little bit of girlyness would be alright to have with my winter apparel. I just hope that winter will still be around when I finish making them. If not there is always next year.

I have also been "commissioned" by my mother to make dish cloths for her co-workers. She bought me the yarn for them about a month ago. I think she got me enough yarn for eight of them. I told her when she got me the yarn that it won't be until the new year when I'll be able to start/finish them. My older sister also wants to "commission" me to knit her a pair of mittens. I told her that I won't get to making that until I learn how to knit with double pointed needles. I'm sure it isn't to hard to do, but I would rather learn from someone who knows how to do it, then teach myself the wrong way. I put commission in quotes because I am sure they won't pay me to these services. Since I am related to them I guess it can be free?


Wishcasting Wednesday

In this week's Wishcasting Wednesday, Jamie asks us What is your spirit wishing for.

My spirit is wishing for travel and not just my usual travel to and from work or to go see my boyfriend. But long distance travel in time and body. It is wishing to see places new and old, to get out of the familiar and into the unfamiliar. I feel as though my spirit has become stuck in a rut and needs to break free from the daily grind of working everyday. My spirit wants to get up and go.


crochet, shop, cat?

I've finally started my brother's glittens. They are going to be the same pattern as my previous ones that I have made only they are going to be red, white and black. I needed to use a larger hook then what I used for the first pair since I added another strain.

Today I spent the day with my older sister. We went shopping at the mall and spent too much money, but had fun doing it. I got a sweater that I have been eyeing up for the last few years, along with a cardigan. We also went to a book store and I convinced my sister to buy me a book. I got The Devil's Queen. It is a novel about Catherine de Medic. So far it is pretty good. I only got one chapter completed.

While we were out I needed to stop at Petco to get a new collar for Kara. I wanted one with a lot of jingle to it. I bought two bells
to go on it. This weekend Petco was having an adoption event. My sister and I saw some insanely cute kittens. There was a little boy that was the last of it's litter. I have wanted to get a kitten for such a long time. I think that the little boy would have been a great addition to my little family (Kara and I). I wasn't able to get him, because I am living at my parents and I will be living with Noah next year. I would need the okay from both of them to get him.


the end is near!

I just finished my maroon and gold scarf. It feels so nice a warm I don't want to give it away. I hope that it's intended owner likes it. Otherwise he can let my sister take it or give it to his sister or mother. I am very excited that I only have three projects left to make along with much baking. I might even have time to get a few more dishcloths finished to give away with my smaller gifts.

Here is a little rundown of have I have made so far for gifts.

Hand warmers for boyfriend's little sister

Necklace for my older sister

dish cloths for mother

Hello Kitty look alike for boyfriend's other sister

Monster for boyfriend's sister's boyfriend

yellow scarf for boyfriend's father

Red and White scarf for boyfriend's mother.


The race is on

I am almost finished. It'll be a race to the finish line but I am sure it will be worth it. I have my two scarfs left to finish, a pair of glittens, and a chicken toaster cozy. Today I am putting the finishing touches on my hand warmer. I just have to put the buttons on the other hand then it is complete. I think that tomorrow evening I am going to knockout my scarves and get one finished and the other one 1/3 for the way complete. Once I get all of my knitting and crocheting finished for my presents I need to start baking. I have two different orders for baklava. One of them is going to be nut-less and low sugar, the other will be the "traditional" with all the unhealthy-ness that it is. I am also going to experiment with different flavors of fudge, I'm thinking cherry, mulberry, and mint. I would like to get around to making caramels but that takes a lot of time, and I will need to have a slave, I mean helper, to wrap them in plastic wrap. With all of this on my to do list I am running out of free time with both jobs increasing my hours.
The past 48 hours I worked 26.5 hours. It is nice to be busy and get paid for it, but I really enjoy sleeping and spending time with my family and loved ones. The only time that I see my family that I don't live with is when they go to my different jobs. Or if I request off from work and go see them.


Wishcasting Wednesday

Today Jamie asks us,
"What is your Winter Wish?"
I would have to say that, my winter wish is for family time. For impromptu family reunions, playing board games and watching movies. I wish for baking with my mother and sisters, watching documentaries that don't really make sense with my father, for general chatting with my little brother. I wish for time with my boyfriend that is a spur of the moment and not planned for three weeks in advance. I wish for knitting with my grandmother and getting her insight on different patterns and learning new stitches with her. I wish for tasty home cooked meals that are one of a kind.