The race is on

I am almost finished. It'll be a race to the finish line but I am sure it will be worth it. I have my two scarfs left to finish, a pair of glittens, and a chicken toaster cozy. Today I am putting the finishing touches on my hand warmer. I just have to put the buttons on the other hand then it is complete. I think that tomorrow evening I am going to knockout my scarves and get one finished and the other one 1/3 for the way complete. Once I get all of my knitting and crocheting finished for my presents I need to start baking. I have two different orders for baklava. One of them is going to be nut-less and low sugar, the other will be the "traditional" with all the unhealthy-ness that it is. I am also going to experiment with different flavors of fudge, I'm thinking cherry, mulberry, and mint. I would like to get around to making caramels but that takes a lot of time, and I will need to have a slave, I mean helper, to wrap them in plastic wrap. With all of this on my to do list I am running out of free time with both jobs increasing my hours.
The past 48 hours I worked 26.5 hours. It is nice to be busy and get paid for it, but I really enjoy sleeping and spending time with my family and loved ones. The only time that I see my family that I don't live with is when they go to my different jobs. Or if I request off from work and go see them.

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