home alone

I came home from work today to find the house empty of  its occupants. It is just me and the house. I should take advantage of this moment and get something constructive done. The house is creepy when there is no live in it. I am even chilled as I sit in the kitchen typing this. Like the house has zapped the little bit of heat that I had to offer. 



I miss my kitty. She is having way too much fun at Noah's. I want her back living with me. I know that I can't have her here, because she would get into something that would hurt her or she would cause a mess. Everyone at Noah's loves her. She is going to be so spoiled when I get her back. 



I have not been able to sleep past eight since I moved into my new room. I am happy that I was able to sleep past 6:30 when all the construction starts up. It's pretty gross. Every year that I have gone to school in this town there has been a crater on campus that required special attention from the students in how we got around campus. This past year there was the building of the building for business and econ. classes, that is almost done, an expansion of a parking lot over on the West side of campus in with the dorms and the start of the new suite dorm. Soon they are going to be taking down two of the old dorms that have been converted into office buildings. I hope that soon I will be able to sleep until my alarm wakes me up.

Yesterday was my first day back to work at Boston Store for about a week. My feet are still tired from the four hours that had. Its going to be nice to get back into some pattern of living for the few months that I am here. 

It is pretty boring here in town compared to last year. Nothing has really changed expect that I only have one job and no classes to take. I need to find a new hobby to keep me constructive. 



I am almost all unpacked into my place, until the end of July. It's a small room but I like it. I have been able to do a few pretty cool things with it. I still have much organizing to do. The house that it is in is trashed, but with a little bit of cleaning it'll be looking great. 
There won't be any pictures of my new place until it gets cleaned.



I am all moved out of my place in Whitewater and living at my parents for the weekend. I now have the weekend to get my stuff together for my final move to back to Whitewater on Monday. I am going to be moving to a house that is next to campus. It seems like everyone at home is extremely confused about what I am going to be doing in Whitewater for the summer. All that they need to do is ask and I would tell them, but I hadn't gotten a simple question as to what my plans are. Then when one little bit comes up that I am moving back on Monday it is like a hell broke loose and I will be wasting my money keeping my job?
I've only been here a few hours and I am ready to go back to Whitewater. The button pushing has begun and I feel as though I am getting singled out for no reason. 
I want to be back in Watertown with Noah or hanging out with my friends from school. I just want to be happy and not stressed out by the people that I am around. And my family wonders why I don't come home more often. 


some thoughts.

I now know what I am going to spend most of my yarn doing. I am going to make granny square blankets! I found a pattern that hopefully I can follow. I am going to combine it with the "traditional" pattern that I know. I think that they would make great presents and use much of the yarn that I already have. 

Good-bye Dead Lady yarn, Hello new yarn!

I can' wait to get some new hip yarn that is fun and not a pain to use. 
I also have a set of mittens to make along with some scarves that I should be making for different people or to sell.
 This year I haven't completed much of anything that I've set out to do. Except I did pass the one class that I needed to. I am now an "official" graduate from University of Wisconsin Whitewater. and it only took five years to complete. I now need to figure out what I need to do still to go to Red Wing. I know I need to make a few phone calls and get some papers released to them from here. 



I have finished my undergrad career at UW-Whitewater, finally. All that I need to do now is finish making one of my transcriptions look pretty and send it in. Once that is done "Summer here I come!" Then I will be done taking scenic shots of Southwestern Wisconsin for a few years and takings shots of Red Wing, Minnesota. I am very excited to go to school there, but I just have a few things here that I need to get done so that way I can enroll in classes. Yikes! 
Today I am moving my first load of stuff that I've collected here back to Chippewa Falls. I hope that I can get a good deal of it packed up before I have to leave for work. I am very excited to be going home. I just hope that I won't be guilted to stay longer, because I have work on Sunday and will be coming back to Chippewa in less then a week. I hope that I get to have a Co. Captain on my three hour tour.If not it isn't a big deal I'll just be making many phone calls.


cleaning day #1

Today is the first cleaning day that one of my roommates and I have unofficially scheduled. Tuesdays are usually my cleaning days and he just felt like he needed to join in on it. Usually I do my laundry, vacuum, take the garbage and recycling out,  and do some stuff in the bathroom.  But today is study day on campus so I have another person at home with me. So my regular schedule for cleaning needs to be changed  a little. 
It is so nice outside today that I really don't want to do anything. I just want to hangout outside and warm myself with the sun. It is so cruel to schedule constructive activities on such a fine day. I am surprised that my neighbors are not out sunning themselves in the front lawn. 
I have realized that I haven't done much of any crafting. Here is what I have planned to do this summer.
to make mittens
finish my started projects
make so awesome magnets
find different ways to use up all of my yarn
Hopefully I can find the time to do all of this.
Kara is ready to rock.


Lots to do.

Have you ever felt that you're life is a movie? Last night Noah and Corey came down to go to a concert. They didn't know where it was and were waiting for me and it turned out that it was a different band then what they thought it was. One of my roommates has taking a liking to Corey. They play video games all the time and complain about different moves that the other is doing. Noah has said that it is just like "Step Brothers". It is very cute, like watching two grown children play. 
Today is mother's day in the US. Since I am still far from home I will this year be celebrating with Noah and his family. They are going to be off to Hi Way Harrys. I feel really bad for not being able to get anything for my mother. I think when I get home this weekend I will get something nice for her.
Today marks the start of my hell week. I am going to be working over 23 hours at Boston Store and maybe five hours at Young Auditorium. On top of all those hours I am taking my last bit of finals and finishing up my Senior Thesis. Oh and did I mention moving out of my place? This week I need to be efficient in all that I do. 


all better

I am now feeling much better. I guess I was just very tired and missing some vitamin C in my diet. I ended up eating two oranges and taking three vitamin Cs. That was all taken yesterday. Today I have already eaten one orange and just one vitamin. Hopefully that is all that I needed and a good nights rest. 
I just found out that one of the members of the bass section in orchestra with me is quarantined and is getting tests run on him. I am sure that everything will be alright. It just really sucks that it is so close to the end of the semester and he can not go to any of this classes. 

In orchestra this past week have been interviewing two different conductors. I feel that both of them are well qualified for the job, depending on the route the university is wanting the orchestra to go. If the university wants a more professional group they should go with the first candidate. They taught us more like pre-professional musicians. If they want more of a teaching group they should go with the second. They taught us like we were still in high school. Anyways that is how I feel about them. 

I feel that I am all done writing my paper. I am feeling really good about it too. All that I need to do now is get it proofed a few times and turn it in. I just need to finish up a few projects and get a few things paid up still. 

I am very excited.



I woke up this morning to feeling a little under the wearther.
Now it is almost one o'clock and I've gone from slightly sick to gross. I hope that I can shake this before finals start up. I have much I need to do and being sick is not on my list. Pretty much just my back is sore and I have a slight fever.

Of all times to get sick.


"Let me eat cake"

The process has begun, I am eating all of my leftover food. I came across a container of birthday cake from my last birthday party I threw. Eating this cake is bring back some interesting memories. I threw a piece of it at one of my friends. I am not exactly sure as to why I did that, but it was done. He then took his piece and rubbed it into my face. I am doing a "purge" of my food because I will be moving in a few days and need to start getting rid of my food. I still do not know where I am going to be moving to. That needs to be taken care of AFAHP, As Fast As Humanly Possible.

  • move my cat to my boyfriend's house
  • pack up leftover food
  • get kitchen supplies in boxes
  • pack up bedroom