Getting Old

One of the many lawn gnomes at my parents

I feel like I am 50 years old. It is 10 o'clock on a Saturday and I am ready for bed already. Where has my youth gone? I used to be able to stay up until 2 am and be ready for classes later in the morning at 8 am. My joints have also gone. They get sore with every drastic change in weather. This past fall was terrible on them.  I cannot believe that I am feeling like this and I am just 23 years old. I was planning on going out tonight, but I am starting to think that bed is a better choice. 

I'm getting too old for this.


Lots to do

Turkeys in a field North of Chippewa Falls

These past few days have brought much knowledge to me. There has been changes in how I know feel about a professor. I have found out that a certain professor is not what she says she is. She is just a doctoral candidate not an actual doctor in music education. I also found out a little bit more information on this, but I have sworn not to tell. So now I will address her as professor, not Doctor.
 Image from Rayburn Music


My projects

After much demand I finally posted pictures of my knitting and crocheting projects. I make dish cloths, purses, scarfs, hats, and coming soon mittens! I have not made a purse in a while so there are no pictures of those in here, but I will soon be making a few of them.

My Dead lady yarn 

My most resent scarf that I am crocheting.

A collection of  dish cloths that I am knitting

Once I get a good collection of these items completed I plan on selling them. I take commissions on items that I know how to make.  I will be learning to knit mittens in the near future. 


Nervous much?

The semester has just gotten underway and I already want it to be done with. I am tired of classes. I am tired of the drama. I am tired of being tired. I think I am just feeling overwhelmed and nervous about the semester. I can't mess up anymore. I need to graduate. my feeling like this could be that I missed most of my classes this past week and have no idea what to expect from my classes this semester. 

I have added orchestra to my class schedule for the semester. I am in it because I want to keep up playing. I will not let one person effect how I am going to feel in class. Bass players don't get much attention in orchestras anyways, from my experience that is. We are actually going to be playing some fun stuff too. 


Sad Kitty

Chocolate makes everything better. I was having a cruddy day due to family issues. After a good cry and getting out of the house for a little bit I needed a good amount of chocolate. I went on a mission to get what I needed. After a few dollars to the BP I left with two Milkyway bars. After eating one of them I am finally happy-ish. 
I am extremely lucky to have the friends that I have. They supply a shoulder to cry on and a car to get me to the BP. 

Lately Kara has been getting jealous of Noah, for all of the attention that he gets over her. We both find it funny that when he is around Kara glares at the two of us. She just recently started getting like this. It might be because Noah has been spending more time around here then usual.  This semester I need to spend more time with my kitty.

Eventually once the semester gets going I am going to use this blog to put some of primary document analysts. So this will become more academic then it has been. So, reader beware...


Today is Service Day/ MLK jr Day and the last day of winter break. And how am I spending it? sitting inside the house, not enjoying my last day of "freedom." This semester I must be on my A- game. I refuse to be here for another semester. If that is the case I might as well just transfer to a different to Red Wing and become a luthier. 
picture from http://www.hip2b2.com/news/luthier/504/
Recently, I talked with Vince, the luthier from Double Bass Workshop in Madison, about what type of repairs he gets. Some of them are very odd and extreme. He told me about this one bass that the face was caving in on itself.  The bass bar was part of the face and was running down the center of the face and was pushing up on the face.  There were other problems with the bass that just made it almost unnecessary and very expensive to be repaired. 

Lately I'm been on a dish cloth knitting kick. I am trying to use up all of my cotton yarn that I have. Once I have it all used I can move on to other things. I really want to make a scarf, but I cannot until I have my hat done. Otherwise I will never finish it. 


Lazy Days

Today isn't the typical day in my house. The cat is sitting by my head licking herself, my roommates are watching television and surfing the net, and I am sitting driving a cup of coffee. This sounds like any old day in the sleepy little town of Whitewater, but it isn't. Today is the first day that campus livers are able to move into the dorms. That means that Whitewater wakes up for the new year. 

For me this means very little except that I now need to worry about an increase in bad drivers, that think that they are good drivers. I also need to start worrying about pedestrians that think that they can walk out in front of drivers on state highways and not worry about getting hit. 

Today I am doing nothing, but working at Boston Store this late afternoon to help with inventory. I hate going into Janesville just to work slightly over two hours after driving 30 minutes. It just doesn't make since to me. But it is an easy task that I do not need to deal with costumers in anyway. I get to scan barcodes all day by myself. Its going to be great.


Dead Lady Yarn

I have just been given a box full of yarn from the 1970's. Much of it smells like it hasn't been touched since then. There is some pretty cool colors that came from this yarn, but nothing really to call home about. Noah and I found in the box one completed pair of mittens, one finished mitten, and one half finished mitten. The pervious owner died making mittens. I hope that when I die it is not making mittens, but something different like a sweater.

Right now I am in the process of knitting a large amount of dish cloths. I have two of them finished and one just about halfway done. The yarn that I use for my dish cloths is Sugar 'n Cream 100% cotton. The pattern that I use is that I knit from the corner adding a stitch with each row, creating a boarder around the center. This pattern I learned from my grandmother around 8 years ago, when I learned how to knit. 

I am also working on finishing a hat that I am making for Noah, for Christmas still. I wasn't able to afford a present for him, so I am using a very nice and pricy skein of yarn. I hope that it turns out and that he likes it. This hat is crocheted, so there won't be too much on this, hopefully.

This to start knitting.