If I sang a Rage Aria in an opera it would be about today.

Today was one frustration followed by another. It started out pretty petty then it snowballed into major things. Pretty much I need to curl up and go to bed, let the day be done. Tomorrow is a new day with new challenges, best to be well rested up for them.
It all started out with me wanting to watch The History Channel on the Hippies in California in the 60's, and drink my 8 cups of coffee. I didn't want to have to deal with anyone except for the television. I know silly, but in the morning I am waking up and need time by myself in order to function for the day. 
I found out today that checks can be cleared well after business hours. On my online banking I saw that one of my checks that I wrote for my rent got cleared at 11 something PM. How can banks allow this? They aren't even open then. 
Then after my morning class I got to listen to banter on different views on drinking in The Bible. If it was a sin or not or it was if it was customary to serve the good wine first and save the worst for last. I don't know. I just know that it was bothering me, and I wasn't able to take notes on my research. 
After that, I went into work on campus for a full half hour. Great. There was nothing for me to do. My boss didn't have anything for me and wasn't there either. The event that I was on the schedule to set up for was cancelled. that would have been great know about. 
On my way up to orchestra after getting my instrument from the basement. I cracked it on the doorframe of the room that it is kept in. Good thing it is a surface crack so I don't need to worry about it unless it starts to travel. Which is good because I have very little funds. 
Orchestra was a big waste of time for my section to attend today. I think that we should have just run through the concerto and then said have a nice day. Work on it and we'll get into it next time. That would have been a better way to spend our time. 
After Orchestra I drove to Planned Parenthood in Delavan. Only to get there seventeen minutes after they stopped taking walk-ins. It wouldn't have been a big deal if I didn't have to drive 30 minutes in a downpour while driving 55+ MPH in gusty winds with the sun in my eyes. I was ready to reach over the counter and slap her for telling me that. Also it wouldn't have been an issue if I had the money to throw around for gas, or food because it was just about 6:30. 
I came home tonight hoping that the dishwasher was emptied. NOPE. I was wrong that one of the four roommates would think to do some house work other then make sure that that the couch doesn't collect dust. Thanks a lot guys.

Ok enough of being upset. I'm getting my boyfriend tomorrow so that will make me happy.  I really enjoy being around him. Except when he makes me cranky. Otherwise most if not all of my problems/issues go away for the day or so that he is around. 



Cooper is now gone. her and kara fought one too many times and i was ready to destroy something. kendra came and took her within a few hours after it happened. i'm tired of it. i am few up with kitties fighting. hopefully kendra can find a place that her kitty can stay for a few months. i wish that the cats could have gotten along but i am concerned for my cats well being.  i know that she is going to see if noah will take her for a little bit. he was wondering if it was just going to be for a few months or if it was going to be forever. i wish i knew what to tell him. i wish that kendra will be able to keep all of her kitties together. 



I have realized that I haven't created any new yarn projects. So I made something that I was hoping to make for a while. I made a hat without a top, pretty much one of those old headband things from back in the 90's. Anyways I was interested in making one ever since I saw someone from the musical "Hairspray" wearing one while they were warming up during the daytime. 
Me wearing my latest creation.
I created this one with three different types of yarn two blues, one solid and the other with silver,  and one brown, that I thought to be black. I crocheted this with a double stitch and in a few places single stitch. I do not remember what size ho
ok I used, it is larger then a J. I just checked and it is a N sized hook. much larger then a J. I think I will have to make another one that is more browns and earth tones then this first one. 

Here are some of the pictures of it. 

This is the flat view of it show how I connected the ends. 
Another flat view of the top.

Me wearing it again.

It standing up for a better view of how it is put together.

Earth Hour

Right now people in the Midwest in the middle of Earth Hour. My roommates and I have the lights all turned off and are sitting in the living room reading and blogging by candle light. It was pretty cool that all that I needed to do was just mention to them that it was going to be starting in five minutes and they were like okay cool lets do it. I had forgotten when it was and then I received a text message from my boyfriend's sister saying that it was in five minutes.
The message
 This is really cool to be a part of something that is global in an area as small as Whitewater, WI. How many people can say that they were a part of a vote on Global Warming that was going on in Europe while I am getting ready for classes on Monday? I just wish that more people in my area knew about it in town. 

One of my roommates reading by candlelight 


I Don't Wanna Move!

I don't want to move. 
I don't want to leave the area. 
I am comfortable here. 
I've moved too much in my life already.
I don't want to leave those who are here and dear to my life. 

I want to stay right where I am. 
I want to continue down the path that I've chosen, maybe it is the right one.
I know I need to move out of Whitewater to a better city.
I want to keep all of my friend that I have now.

When I finished dropping off my boyfriend at his house I was instantly in tears, because I missed him. That was about an hour ago and I am still weepy about it. I am going to miss him so much. I still have a few months until I have to move out of where I am now and I have NO IDEA where I am going to move. That scares me so much. I am planning on moving to Red Wing, MN in the fall for school, but the summer, who knows. I really do not want to have to move back to my parents and I've asked my boyfriend if I could move in with him for the summer. He said that might not be a good idea. He did say that extended stays would be welcomed. I totally understand, because he is going to be starting up a business and has a lot of repairs to do at his house. I am sure that I could find someplace to stay for a few months. 


Spring Break 2009!

I should be out enjoying my last undergrad. spring break ever, but I am going to be inside (working and driving). I am starting out my break with being still sick. gross. I do not want to feel like this again for a long time. 

I started out the day not having any hours of work at Bostonstore and I will end the day with 22 hours. I am very happy that I talked with my boss about what I heard. So I celebrated with buying food from Woodman's. I know it is silly but I was going to put off buying groceries until I came back from my travels this coming week. 

I hope that when I wake tomorrow I feel a bazillion times better then I do right now. I'm feeling much better then earlier this week, but not 100%. 

Here's to Spring Break of work!


Wishcasting Wednesday

This week Jamie asks us to think about what we wish to say yes to.

It took me a while to think about what I want to say yes to but can't. I've come to realize that a lot of what I want to do revolves around money. Not wanting to sound too much like money is my life, but sadly it has become that. 

I wish to say yes to...

*finding happiness and joy in what I do from day to day.
*being able to cook for my friends when ever I want to.
*to paying my parents back for getting me through college.
*not having to move out of Wisconsin for school next fall.
*having the funds to not have to work and just knit all day and make things for my friends and family.
*making a garden of vegetables, so that way I won't need to buy any when I need them.
*being crafty
*being able to not having to worry about money


Weather & Music Rant #4

Kara looking out of her favorite window
Today is going to be the warmest day, as of yet this year, in Whitewater. I will not be able to enjoy most of the weather due to work and the dreaded orchestra still today. I will try to keep this post positive. It might take a turn for the worst.

On Sunday we had our orchestra concert, which turned out to be the worst concert that I've ever been apart of. I think it was even worst then the one I was in during 5th grade when I was just learning to play. She cut two movements of Mendelssohn's "Italian" symphony leaving the first and fourth movements. Instead of giving the orchestra a prep for the downbeat of the 4th movement she just gave a downbeat. Over HALF of the orchestra missed it! It took all of us about two measures to get back together. It was ridiculous. The only piece that we sounded "good" in was "Star Wars" which was the least challenging piece that we played. Also it was the one that we spent the most time on. For every piece this was our first time running any of the pieces without stopping. That should not have been on the concert. We should have gotten at least one run through. When the concert finally ended she didn't get off stage! The audience clapped for her, then she took her time finding soloists, the audience stopped clapping then she pulled the full orchestra up for their applause. The poor audience. She STILL didn't get off stage! She then started giving flowers to people who have contributed to her pulling off the concert, not the 1st chair/section leaders. Once that happened she let the orchestra off the stage. All the while the audience was clapping or was confused about what was going on. I just hope that my last concert, the next one will be better. I hope that the concerto competition winners stand up to her about how their solos are played. Any who enough bashing the orchestra conductor. I just hope that she gets fired!

Today I was going to spend the day drinking (because it was Saint Patrick's Day, usually I am not like that), but since I am still sick I cannot. My joints in my legs are very tired, my back hurts, I have a headache and my sinuses are still full of snot. I found a rash in my elbow pit that hopefully isn't anything. I think it might be a sign tha
t I need to sleep more then I have been and
 take better care of myself. Thanks Saint Patrick for messing with my plans.



I am tired of being sick all the time. True this is the first time this year that I have gotten sick, but I spent most of last semester sick and not able to do anything. I got the flue twice in one month. It was pretty bad. Lucky for me, this time it is just a cold with a lot of boogers in my sinuses and a sore upper throat. It is pretty cool? Also my legs are very sore, like the joints are swollen  or something. Pretty sweet.
I am just happy that I got sick before break. Hopefully I will be better once Friday hits. That is all that I can hope for. 



I wish I was drinking a big cup of coffee

Today has been a day of much writing, and I am yet to be finished!

I've been busy writing my historiography paper for my senior seminar project on the WPA's Toy Loan Project in Milwaukee. It is starting to turn into more of a child delinquency during the depression. Hopefully once I start getting the rest of my project done it will go back to being about toys. Here is my other blog that has my project on it, titled Toys.

I just needed to take a little mental break from trying to figure out what the historians are talking about in their books and what approach they are taking in their writing and research. Gross.
Happy researching


Wishcasting Wednesday

This is my first Wishcasting. My friend Anna has told be about this and how it would be good for me to do. 

Today Jamie asks us what we wish to change. 

I wish to change... 
my habits with school.
Getting my work done in a timely manner would be nice. 
I wish that my ability to play the string bass wasn't dependent on the weather.
I'm not that old. My joints shouldn't be like this.
I wish that my father finds a job.
He has worked in a multitude of different fields, this should be easy for him.


weapon of choice

Today I was feeling like making something that I've never made before. Today I made flan for the first time. 
My creation still firming up in the fridge.

It was changeling making it because of how the directions are translated. 

Empty the contents into one liter of warm milk, stir well, over medium heat until milk comes to a boil. Pour into molds previously covered with _____ Liquid Carmel, Refrigerate until firm. 
I like how the directions have you do something in reverse order in each sentence. Much like how Spanish is written. 


Spring Cleaning

Today feels like the best day ever. I took the plastic down from the windows in the living room. I've taken the tape off the outside door in my bedroom. The windows are open and the backdoor is open. I have always hated Spring cleaning, but this season is different. I have used my cleaning this year to be doing something by myself. It has become me time. I can't wait to take the plastic off my bedroom window, but since I have no heat in my bedroom I think that I can afford to keep some plastic for a little while longer.

Kara and Copper in the first few days that they have been together. 

Now I have two kitties that seem to be fighting over who gets the better seat by the screen door in my bedroom. I am happy that the cats are getting along better. This gives be hope that Kara will be able to live with other cats in the future. Eventually I want to get another cat to live with Kara and I, but not until I get settled down after Red Wing. 



Yesterday I did something that I know that I shouldn't have. I pretty much yelled at my friends for me being stressed about the project that I just finished. In Delta Omicron we usher the recitals on campus. We were told that no one was signed up to usher and no one had replied to the email that was sent out. I then thought that I was the only one that could usher. So, I said that I could do it. Little did I know how much more work I needed to do on my project. Then I sent out a pretty mean email to Delta Omicron saying that I can't keep putting DO before my class work. I do feel that that is what I had been doing for the past few years. 
I hope that I didn't hurt any feelings too badly. I just hope that I made my point. 


I finally finished my transcriptions for my Marine Raider project. It feels so good to have that weight lifted off my shoulders. I am now a million pounds lighter then last week. Now I need to just worry about getting my Senior Seminar paper done and getting out of school. I was having issues finding places to look for documents on the Toy Loan center/project in Milwaukee, then on Saturday I saw, who I feel is my mentor, and asked him where he would suggest. He told me about the Legestrative Research library in Madison. 


What the heck am I still doing up?

It's almost 2am on A Sunday morning and do you know where your children are? I felt that tonight I would be able to finish my transcribing, but I am going to call it a night and go to bed. Out of 44 minutes of it I am almost at the 30 minute mark. It is going to have to be an early morning tomorrow to finish it up.