Longtime to type

It has been way too long since I've been on here sharing my creations. Here are a few items that I have made over the past few months.
I crocheted this hat out of some of my Dead Lady yarn to give to a friend. I put a pom pom on top of it and it ended up looking a whole lot like a pineapple. I hope that she likes it.

 I ventured into making clothing a little bit. I made this shrug. It is knitted with, what the author calls, Ostrich Plume lace. I downloaded the pattern onto my computer and the link is not bringing anything up on my computer anymore. I made it for myself to wear to work and now my company is changing its dress code. So I ended up giving it away.
During this past summer I started making a lot of different bracelets to see if I could sell them. I made a few different styles and colors. None of them have sold yet. I'm going to try venturing into different items this winter, like ties and purses.  
This is one of the "flowers" from a blanket that I am crocheting.  It is made up of different circles that, to me, look like different flowers. The link to the pattern is here.  It really isn't too hard to make so far. I just have knitters ADD.
 This is the latest project that I have made and completed. They are baby booties. They are NOT a sign of this to come in my life. I just wanted to see if I could make them. Now that I did. I think that I'll have it out of my system for a while.