another boy scarf

Making boy scarves that don't look stupid or too girly is hard to do. I have the two that I have been writing about and another one that I pulled apart and restarted just today. This one is for my little sister's boyfriend for Christmas. It is starting to look a little like a tube sock. It is maroon with black with gold and black stripes. They are the his school colors at Minnesota. I hope that he likes it, but if he doesn't I would love to have it, or it can be donated to someone that would love to have some warm wool around their neck. This scarf is going to work out much faster then the wide one that I was working on with these yarns.

Now some fun personal news.

Last Saturday I broke my glasses. It was right after I finished my shift at Younkers. I had to fill out a form for my hours. I was getting warm and pulled my scarf off over my head and bent my glasses almost in half. I took them off to bend them back and snapped them in half. Just yesterday I got my eyes checked and ordered a new pair. I am very excited for these new ones. They are very chic, dark blue (almost black). The earpieces/ sides are rather thick. The nose piece is thicker then my last frames (thats good since that is where I broke my last pair). I now need to wait until the 25th for them to come to me. Soon I can throw away contacts that I have been wearing for five months or longer.

I am very excited for a new look.

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