My first felting project part one and project updates

Last month I was asked to knit up some baby booties for my hairdresser to give to her brother and his wife. I told her about this pattern that I found at www.garnstudio.com. It was easy to knit up and they turned out looking something like this.  I still need to wash them to turn them into felt. I just hope that they turn out similar to what the photo in the pattern looks like. I have been told that felting projects is the best because it hides the knitters mistakes. I sure hope it does. I hope to get these felted while I am in Chippewa for my vacation. 
I now have about 12 more squares to knit for my adult baby blanket. I have run out of the base yellow yarn. I have switched to a cream yarn to fill in where the yellow stopped. I need to get some more different colors to do the other rows. The different colors are for the different people in the family of the soon to be owner of this blanket.  My game plan with this blanket is to have it completed by Christmas. I am 100% positive that it will be done before then. 

My mother has asked me to crochet as many dish cloths as I can by the end of May for her. I think that she is going to be putting them in a craft fair up in Chippewa for her work. I am not quite sure. But if they do not sell then my family will have a few new crocheted dish cloths. I now have two complete and I am thinking about different stitches I can use to make them go by faster. Projects like this are good stash busters. I have all this cotton yarn sitting around waiting to be used.
Dish cloths are one of my least favorite projects to do. I would rather try my luck in making sweaters or finishing blankets.