Wishcasting Wednesday

Today Jamie asks us "What do we Dare ourselves to do?"

I dare myself to get out of my parents house, get back into school, and live on my own without needing monetary help from my parents.

I am an adult now I should be able to find a job that can support myself and pay off my bills, without living to far into the poverty level. If the economy hadn't gone down the toilet then I would have a better change of finding a researching job, work in a museum, work at a performance venue. Instead, college graduates in the Sciences and Arts are reduced to working crummy minimum wage jobs at movie theaters and retail where they get more verbal abuse then any human deserves.

For me to get out of my parents basement I need to get back into school if The United States is going to be how it is now. Public History is not the path of employment. I need a better degree in something that my community finds as being useful.

For the past 23 years of my live I have needed my parents money to help me get by. While I was living "on my own" in college they paid for my rent. Whenever I needed something they were there paying for it. It has never been me paying for that I needed. I have been spoiled. With me being allowed to live at my parents and not pay for anything they are enabling me to keep to my old ways of not being able to manage my money, get a good paying job, and live on my own.

With this post I dare myself with the greatest punishment that I can think of if I cannot complete.


  1. As you wish for yourself, I so wish for you as well….

  2. As Bridget wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

    I, too, am a "spoiled child" who has parents who want to keep her from experiencing some of the harder lessons in life. Keep going and you will find your place. My grandmother used to tell me not to be so hard on myself when I complained that I was a step behind my peers "You aren't behind, you are a late bloomer and will stun them all with your beauty when you are good and ready to blossom".