I am going to be trying something new with the pictures that I add to my blog. I am going to be putting the link to the page that I took them from in the picture, if they are not mine. Instead of writing it under the image. If it does not work out, or I do not like how it is turning out, I will change it back to the link being under it. 

So it has been decreed by me.

This is an image of the statue called Augusto di Prima Porta I took this on my trip in Italy this past summer. 

Wishcasting Wednesday

It has been a few weeks since I've done this so bare with me with this one

Today Jamie asks us what we wish to read. I know that if I were given a chance to read everything that I have on my imaginary reading list, I would be reading and doing nothing else for a year. So this week I wish to be able to read my reading list that has been growing longer, not shorter over the past four years with all the books I have had to buy in school and with the free ones that I have gotten from the last days of the library's book sale. To put it more simply, I wish to read the books that I own, all of them.

I want to catch my own "reading bug". I will be very happy once I am done with school and I will be able to read and work. It would have been nice to have gotten into reading when I had all this "free time" growing up. 


My Muse

Just recently I have felt that Clio is the muse for me. She is what is keeping me going. In my art history class we were discussing Vermeer and his painting "The Art of Painting"  where he depicts an artist painting the Muse Clio. I feel that she is the lady for me because of my love for history and the arts. I really want to create a time line that interweaves events and eras in music, art and "normal person" history. I think it would be great for people to see what is going on in history to be able to compare the different genres. 



     My yarn is gone. I gave it to my older sister to take home with her. She was down in Whitewater on a weekend vacation. What a great place to go. My knitting and crocheting have stopped for the remainder of the semester. Which is alright and good. But now my room is lacking a bunch of color from all the balls. With the yarn being the first to go along with all of my CDs my big move has begun. I am now in the process of moving out of my current home into, who knows where. 
It was nice having her down for her "vacation." I was able to show her around my next of Wisconsin. We went to Lake Mills in hopes of seeing a sign that was talking about the pyramids in the lake, but there was nothing that we could see. After Lake Mills we went to Columbus to check out the antique mall. Along with a bunch of "stuff" they also have the Christopher Columbus exhibit from the Colombia World's Fair. There was a bunch of neat things that was kept. There were a bunch of pictures of the differentbuildings that were there. There were also a lot of different statues of Columbus. My favorite one is the one at the enterance to the area. His head was about to fall off. After the antique mall we went to dinner at Gus' Pizza Palace in Whitewater with a few of my friends. Then to a recital that I needed to attend. The next day we went out to the Indian Mounds that are in Whitewater. Its h
ard to see the shapes right now because the grass is trying to come back to life. and the weather was pretty bad for being outside. We managed to get up to Johnson Creek with time to spare for some shopping before my sister's boyfriend showed up to take her home. 
Overall it was a nice weekend with little fighting, which can be expected when you  get the two of us together. 



I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I am going to do with my life over the last 48 hours. I have realized that I am not able to afford to live anywhere. It is great to know that everyplace that I have looked at online is out of my price range. It really makes me want to throw in the towel and quit on going to school in the Fall. Just this past week I have been really excited about going. What has changed? I looked at my credit card bill and saw that it is more then I can afford right now. That is always a great feeling. I also feel that I cannot ask my parents for help because of their situation at home. I feel as though I have set myself up for failure. I have told this to a few people and all that I've gotten from them is that things will work out in the end. I don't want them to work out in the end. I want it to be worked out now! 


Paper Time?

I have finally started writing my research paper for graduation. Oh boy is it going to be interesting. I have come to realize that I am an emotional writer. I use a very leading vocabulary where it isn't supposed to be. I can see a few long nights coming up ahead of me.  I have my introduction completed except for my thesis, which is alright because I'll use what I have written and shape a thesis from that. I think I am going to start with my histiorgraphy section first then go into analysis of primary documents at the end. It shouldn't be that bad to write. I me
an I write on here all the time.