fall is done?

What a weekend, three dollar toasters at Target will make people do strange things. On Friday I got the joy of working at 330am and my boyfriend got the experience of shopping at 4am. He went out to get Target's one dollar towels but got toasters, crockpots, sandwich makers, and coffee makers all for three dollars each. It was a fun morning. A lot of very pleasant costumers. No one was too cranky with their deals. I even got a costumer to open a credit card! Friday evening I got to watch my boyfriend and his bowling team bowl, duh. Then the two of us went out for a little bit.
On Saturday we celebrated his birthday by sleeping in way too late, wrapping Christmas presents at his parents and sushi for dinner. YUM! We then went out for a few drinks at out favorite bar in Whitewater, The Brass Rail.
Sunday we slept in again way too late and had a late lunch/early dinner at his parents and had birthday cheesecake. YUM! When we got back to the boyfriend's house we watched movies and had snacks.
Today we hung up Christmas lights on the front of his house and cleaned off the front porch. It was nice spending time together taking care of his house. I've been telling him for the past few months that I would be more then willing to help him out with it. Now I finally got to do something.
Any who, time to get back to reality and start knitting and laundry.
Happy knitting.

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