It has been a while since I talked about my plants and their progress. They have gotten quite large over the past few days. I am really thankful for the rain that we got these past two weeks and the sun that we now have. With this lovely combination my plants have really taken off.  These are my most recent pictures of my plants and they don't do nearly enough justice. My plants are now pretty large. I'm guessing soon my squash will be big enough to start training to grow on the trellis. 

I have been having issues with one very unwelcome visitor. I have a rabbit that is eating everything! Most of my cucumbers have the tops bitten off. My broccoli is slowly being murdered by this pest. I just want it to go away and die. All off the tiny leaves on my asparagus are ripped off from the plant. This little guy is very nasty.

My daisy field that I have transplanted from my current garden to over by the house, has taken off like a rocket. They are almost all now blooming. Because of how tall they all are most of them now have fallen over. I think its funny. 

It really would have been nice to get some current photographs of my plants. Because now I have added a few of my pepper plants in with the vegetables.  I'm hoping that now that they are in the ground they will grow nicely also. I still have two different pots going with more pepper plants in them. According to my boyfriend if I keep some in their pots and bring them in when it starts to get cold out, I could keep them alive for years. That might be interesting to try.  


What's on the needle?

I have a lot of unfinished projects that are just hanging out on their needles/hook. Here are just a few of my unfinished projects that I have going.
This is a bath mat that I am knitting out of mop yarn. I recent acquired a few cones of it. I'm not sure about how nice it will be to step out of the shower onto this beast. This is my first project that I am carrying different colors along the project.

I was asked to knit nine dishcloths for my sister's bridal shower that is about a month away. This is now the project that I need to concentrate on. I need to have three sets of three. I hope that I have enough matching yarn to make sets. Otherwise they are just going to be a bunch of random ones that will be called sets.

Before I was asked to make a bunch of dishcloths I had one already going that was going to be a bunch of scrap cotton yarn for myself. This beauty will have to wait until the end of July to be finished now.

I was making a pair of handwarmers for one of my co-workers as a graduation present. I have the first one complete (knitted that is) and I just started on the second one. Maybe she'll get them by the time it gets cold outside.

This is the body of Domo-kun. I just finished the body  and was about the get to the arms when I checked my email about the dishcloths. Domo is going to be another graduation present. He is going to be going to my boyfriend's sister. She graduated from college this past May. I think she would enjoy her own little Domo.

These are most of the projects that I have going as of now. I hope that I can get at least one of them done in a timely manner. If not tough.


Winter hat!

I finally made myself a hat that fits my head! It only took five different tries until I came across this one. It took me less then 24 hours to complete. I had to first unravel what I had done and re-start it. The pattern that I used was pretty easy to understand on my second time through it. It uses a lot of Front Double Post stitches and Back Double Post stitches. The author of the pattern calls it a Divine Hat. With how the clusters look it looks like a bunch of tiny clouds that are stuck together  to form a hat.  I'm just really happy to have myself a winter hat.



These past few days have been kind of stressful ones for me. I am working on applying for a job in the Beaver Dam area. I am still without my car, it has been over two weeks now (I'm very angry about this). With these two quasi stressful events (not quite) in my life I am still trying to keep a level head and not lose my temper and keep knitting.

I think I have my resume completed. It has gone through some changes since the last time I did anything about it. I really hope that I get the job. It would be down by were my boyfriend lives. He asked me last week "When are you transferring?" I had to good response to the question other then "I don't know." It would be nice to get the job and move out of my parents' house. I Want To Be an Adult! I'm going to wait until after lunch to submit it.

Two weeks ago my car had an issue about losing coolant. I was five to ten miles away from home when the over heating light came on. That was the last time I saw my car. Last week we finally had them call saying what they think might be the problem. They really didn't look at the car until it had been sitting in their garage for a week. It has now been another week and we were told that one of the heads is fried and they want to smooth the cylinders, just because they got them out pretty much. That call was pretty much one week ago. I think that I could be this far, or farther along with a stick and a piece of gum.

Right now I am knitting a pair of handwarmers for one of my co-workers as a graduation present. There really isn't much to see so far. I have one that I finished knitting and I'm working on the other. I'm hoping that by the end of the week I'll have them both off the needles and buttons/notations picked out for them.


My Future, is looking warm

I've decided that once I get my sewing machine, I want to learn how to quilt. I don't think that I would make blankets right away. I really don't have the space for it. I think I would start with something smaller like place mats and baby blankets. I found this website that I think is pretty useful for my future endeavor. I know that it won't be easy to start quilting right away, that's why I'm going to start with smaller projects until I feel comfortable with them.

This past Friday my little brother graduated from High School. I am very proud of my baby brother. I went to his ceremony and was stuck sitting in a gym full of over 400 sweaty people and no air conditioning. I felt like I was wearing a John the Baptist jumpsuit of wool.  I should have sat in the auditorium where there was air and seats with backs. It was nice to be able to watch the full ceremony. The 300+ students walking in two single file lines that took about 20 minutes for them to all be in the gym for the ceremony to begin.

The Chippewa Valley Air Show is this weekend. Today is the last day of it. The planes fly right over my parents house, even for their practice. It is really cool to be able to see/hear them. This is a picture of the FA-18's/ Blue Angels. They are always a nice draw for the show. With the air show I am able to go out the the field behind my parents house and watch a good deal of the show, they live about five or so miles away from the airport. I wish I was able to see the show this year, but I am stuck working for the full weekend. I was able to watch a little of the practice time on Friday.