cleaning and baking

It has taken a few months, but now the house that I am living in is starting to look and feel like an actual home. The kitchen is functional and organized to make sense. The front room is actually a place that I would like to greet company in. The living room is starting to look less like a pigsty and more like a normal room everyday. The office is no longer a crazy man's room full of papers that go their to die. The bathrooms are no longer libraries of old newspapers and my bedroom is slowly becoming a normal looking bedroom. Soon the whole house will be awesome and nice looking.

In the next few days I am going to be teaching my boyfriend and whoever else is in the house that wants to learn how to make potica and baklava. I am excited to make it again. I need to acquire a nut chopper first. I am slowly getting all of the ingredients for my recipes that I need.


Day after Thanksgiving

I gave my friends their gifts last night. They were both very happy with their nice warm winter apparel. Especially since they went out to me to get them.I just hope that they get good use out of them. I was worried that the hat was going to be too large and the scarf too small. But they looked like they fit.

Today I get to work a nice closing shift for Black Friday. One of these years I wouldn't mind going out and seeing the craziness for myself. I'm going to be 1pm to 1015pm. It'll be nice, most of the costumers will be gone for the day. I'll just have one hour, maybe, of Door Busters left, then it'll be regular sale prices. Pretty much my shift is the recovery shift to get it ready for tomorrow's sale. That I think I'm opening for?

Any who, time to keep getting ready for work.



The scarf is now completed. It is about five feet long. When it is halved it is the right length for me to wear. I really like how it turned out. I wish that I was keeping it to add to my collection of scarves. This scarf is going to be going to Eau Claire also. I just need to box it up and wrap it.

Today I am going to be wrapping a bunch of my Christmas presents. That way I can keep ahead of the curve. I have a few birthday presents that I need to wrap to give this week also.

One of my roommates is turning 18 on Thanksgiving. Since I really don't know him all that well I'm getting him a bag of candy. My boyfriend is also having his birthday this coming weekend. I'm just getting him some candy and underwear. I'm done giving fun things for presents. I'm going to be giving practical items from here on out for people in their 20's on up.


Some Projects

I just finished knitting a hat for one of my friends from Eau Claire. She wanted it in house colors from Harry Potter. She gave me a piece of blue embroidery floss to match the blue with and then said really any grey/silver would work. The blue is Lions brand Denim and the grey is also from Lions brand Sliver Heather. It actually didn't take me too long to knit it up. I just couldn't find my sewing needle to finish it off.
I'm also working on crocheting a scarf for her sister in yellow and blue. With the scarf I'm doing stripes of two lines blue and two yellow in a single stitch. I hope to have it done soon so that way I can mail it up to them before it gets too cold. I'm not all that sure that it'll be in time, since they have snow up there. I think I have about two feet done and I want it to be twice the length. I'm also going to add fringe to it with a mix of the colors.

I also have been knitting some dish cloths for Christmas again. But this time my sister is getting them. She has been complaining that she doesn't have any and that I never make her any. So that is what she is getting along with some bar towels. So far I have two completed and I'm going to give her as many as I can until I have to give her the gift.


New Addiction


This is my first piece, a tangerine spoon rest.

This is my newest addiction in my life. I can't seem to get enough of it. I have become one of the crazy Fiesta People. I have decided what I am going to do on my vacation that I get this year. I am going to go to their factory in Newell, West Virginia.  I am going to go on a factory tour and then go to their twice a year factory sale. It shall be the best crazy lady vacation that I go on. 

I got into the stuff from a costumer that I had a few weeks back. She asked me all these different questions about the stuff. Where in the United States was it made and then general stock questions. She bought around $500 dollars worth of the stuff. Then had me order more from another store. Once that happened I was hooked. I had a dream I was in a very small, closet sized room full of the stuff. I researched the company, Homer Laughlin China Company. Now that I'm not in school my research is pretty much check out Wikipedia and see what they have to say about it.  

So, after my one costumer I felt that I had to buy something and the house needed a spoon rest. I even added some to my Christmas list for this year. I hope that I get my butter dish and utensil crock. If I don't get a butter dish, I have one that I pre-ordered from my work. 


Too Long

It has been far too long since I have last posted. Lets see what all has happened in my live since last time.

I've moved, out of my parents' house, in with my boyfriend. I'm back in the Southern part of Wisconsin. It was nice living at home, but I felt that I really needed to grow up and get out there.
With moving out I got a new job in the company. I'm now the assistant area sales manager for the mens' and kids' departments at a store in the area. I've only completed one week of my training. I think that I'll be all trained in by the end of the holiday season.
My sister's wedding has come and pasted. It was a beautiful day. We had weather in the upper 70's lower 80's. That is pretty much uncalled of in Wisconsin in October.

On the knitting side of life I have been slacking off way too much. But I did complete two hats! Here is the one that I made for myself. I am supposed to have one more completed for one of my excoworkers from back home. I'm not sure if I will be getting to it for a while. I have another one that is pretty much completed. It was made for one of my friends from back home. She wanted house colors from Harry Potter. I just have to sew it a little and then it will be shipped away. I have dishcloths to knit for Christmas. One of my sisters keeps complaining that I haven't made her any. So, that is what she is getting along with some bar towels. She better like them. Otherwise I don't know. I am also crocheting a scarf that is blue and yellow. One of my friends from back home really likes the color yellow. I hope that she likes the scarf that I'm making for her.