chicken 3.0

I have the body of my chicken completed. I went through two different versions of it to get to what I stuck with. Chicken 3.0 is knitted in a tan yarn and kind of looks like a loaf of bread. I think it would have been funnier for it to stay as a loaf of bread, since it is a toaster cozy. Now I just need to get the tail to look like a chicken's and put a head on it some how. I am happy that I did change it up to what I have now. I might actually get my last two projects completed in time!

I was hoping that having my sister home would be fun and we would do stuff together. I guess that was wrong. I really wanted to get some candy made along with some baklava, but so far that has yet to materialize. We were going to do it together, and today was going to be the only day that I could do most of it, since I had the day off. Oh well boyfriends are much more important then spending time with family.

I got a few of my presents wrapped this afternoon. I just have three/five more to go. I have to find a few more boxes around the house that I can use.

enough typing and not enough knitting and crocheting.

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