Project craziness

One scarf done two to go. The one that I have finished is a combination of knit for a row and purl for a row. It was very easy to complete, only taking a little over a day to do. I actually ran out of yarn for the fringe. So, I need to go and buy some more of it. I need to learn how to block this piece since it is rolling in on itself. It is a thick tube scarf as of now. I am hoping to have it all completed by the end of the week and in hiding until I wrap it for Christmas in December.

I have started on the second scarf now too. It is also a knit but just a plane straight up knit. It is going to be for my older sister's fiance, Jason, for Christmas to wear with his leather jacket.
I haven't gotten very far with it yet, because I did start it around midnight last night. Tomorrow is my day off for the week so I'll be doing much more knitting to get this scarf completed by the end of the day.

I did complete my little monster on time. He is a totally orginl creation of mine, since I wasn't able to find a pattern for what I wanted. He is now going to live with my little kitty until
Christmas also. He is about five inches tall and has one beefy arm and is top heavy. But I think he is very cute and will be enjoyed at the household that he is intended for.

Soon I will need to start up my glitten making factory again. I have two pairs that I think that I am going to make for Christmas, another red and white pair and a purple and white pair. I hope that I can make them to fit the hands of the people that I want them to go to.

Once I get all of my Christmas presents completed I have a bunch of dishcloths to make for my mother to give out to her co-workers. I am very happy that I don't have school work on top of all these projects and work. I would be going crazy with everything that needs to get done.

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