making a list

I wasn't able to get as far on my scarves as I was hoping to yesterday. But this is what I have done so far with one of the scarves. This is the one for my older sister's boyfriend/fiancée. I really hope that he doesn't have an issue with wool or with stuff being wrapped around his neck. I have a friend that has a neck phobia and can't wear stuff around her neck. So hopefully he isn't like that.

This week my goals are to
  • finish this scarf
  • get half of the chicken toaster cozy done
  • figure out the address for where I have to send my loan check to
I know that it isn't much but I'll be pretty busy with work this week. Yesterday I was called in for a three hour shift and ended up staying for an eight hour one. Tonight and tomorrow I am working 12 hours at the movie theatre. Then Thursday I have a short shift at Younkers, only four hours. Friday and Saturday are going to be some nice long shifts of eight hours each.

Next week isn't going to be nearly as bad so far. I figure it'll be filled with much crocheting and knitting.

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