no sleep for you!

I am happy that I have my two jobs that both work around each other pretty well. Too bad they don't work around each other and my sleep schedule well.

Last night, when I had finished work at the movie theater, I got home and went right to bed. So I thought. I had kicked Kara, my cat, out of the room that way I wouldn't have her bothering me while I was trying to sleep. She had other plans. Kara wanted, no Needed to sleep with me and wouldn't stop crying until I opened the door to let her in. I finally got to sleep around 12:30 am only to get up and start getting ready for work at 5 am.

Work today was pretty awesome. 7 am punch in and start changing signs for the new sale, that will be changed tomorrow. Once that was finished we had to place all of our new merchandise that we got yesterday. For my whole shift I think I only checked out three costumers that didn't do a pre-sale for Younkers big sale this Saturday. I spent most of my shift running pre sell items from my departments to Costumer Services to get logged in then back to the Community room to be stored until Saturday. I think I had more fun doing that then actually helping my costumers, face-to-face.

anyways, it is time to take a nap.

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