Sorry friends

I'm sorry friends. I went on a long blogging vacation for over a month. I have been working on a new project while I was away. I made my very first mitten! With the weather being all messed up, I started on a cold weather project. Here in Wisconsin we had two months of 90+ temps and now it has been down in the mid 70's, perfect weather for thinking about Fall and everything it brings.

I am still working on crocheting the afghan. I have now a little less then one month until I need to give it to them. I'm pretty worried that they aren't going to like it. I have about a foot left to crochet and then I will be done! Its going to be very heavy as well. So far it is over three pounds. I'm guessing when I am all done it will weigh about four. I am thinking about putting fringe on the ends of it to make it even longer. I guess I'll have to wait and see how much yarn I have left.