Wishcasting Wednesday

Today Jamie asks us 

What do you wish to accomplish?

I believe I unknowingly answered this in my earlier post today. I wish to finish the afghan that I started earlier this week and that I have the patience and concentration to complete it. I wish to not have crafter ADD and start up something completely different before I finish it. 


I wish to finish the projects that are still in limbo of being half completed. I have three or more (yikes) different projects to complete, before I am comfortable with starting something new. I believe that would be the greatest accomplishment that I can achieve in the short term. 

A little warmth?

I have given up on making myself a hat, for now. This is how far I got on my hat. I have also lost the pattern for it, so I'm not exactly sure how I am going to finish it off for a little little kids hat. On my facebook wall I have been "asked" to make a few hats for one of my friends. I did tell her that I have been having issues with my own hats. So I'm not exactly sure if I was given a job or what.

I am working on a new project and it is supposed to take only 48 hours. I am crocheting an afghan! I'm actually following a pattern that I bought for this one. I am hoping to use up as much of my stash of yarn on this project as I can. It would be really cool if this afghan does take 48 hours to complete. I've been working on it for about half a day now, ish.

I have a completely different project in the works that I will talk about in later posts. Lets just leave it with Vroom!

Here are some pictures of the present that I made for my little sister. Again I forgot where I got the pattern from, I did find it on Raverly but that is a giant database of knitting and crochet patterns. The seaweed part of the roll was I think that hardest part of creating this toy. I'm not even sure if she likes it.  My future brother in law said that he was jealous that his handle covers didn't transform into anything.


So Many hats!

For the past year (or so) I've been trying to make myself a hat that fits my head.  All of them that I've made have turned out to be way too small.  Here are a few pictures of the hats that I've made. I've been thinking about the different ways that I can give them away. The authors of the patterns won't let me sell them. So I'm pretty much stuck with them. I have someone in mind for the yellow hat. I'm thinking about adding a puff ball on the top of it. Sooner or latter I will have them gone to little kids that will (maybe) wear them.

 I'm now on to hat number three. I really hope that this one fits my head. My next one is going to be white and also crocheted like the other two. So far my new hat looks really cool. It is a very different style from what I'm used to. Eventually I will get a hat the fits my noggen. The hat has been my arch enemy for the year. I'm  hoping to defeat it by the time May rolls around.



My co worker loved the dinosaur that I crocheted for her boy. I just wasn't thinking when I put eyeballs on it. I put the safety eyes on it that aren't really all that safe. I am very happy that she likes it.

My little sister on the other hand, I don't think, likes my sushi that I made for her. When she opened it up she didn't seem to enjoy the fact that I crocheted her something that useless. My older sister thought it was was really cool and her fiance said that he was jealous that all I made for him were handle covers for his work out machine.

I'm just happy that some people appreciate my work that I do.

Spring Time, Fun Time!

Spring is Here! All this week it has been very nice and unseasonably warm out (expect for yesterday). Today it looks very nice out maybe a little chili. Either way, it looks beautiful outside! We were supposed to get some snow the other day, thank god we didn't! It would have been such a Debby Downer if we did. My friends in the Southern part of the state have winter all over again. I guess I moved North at the right time?

The past few days I've been working on defeating my arch enemy, the stocking hat. I know it is a silly thing to fear making, but all of them that I've made have not turned out how I like. This one I'm not all that sure if it going how I want it too. It might be too small for my head, like all of my new hats that I've made. It is turning into another little kids hat. If any of you readers know of a child that needs a hat for this coming winter that also likes the color yellow, I have a FREE HAT for them! I think I might put a puff ball on top of the hat once I am finished with it. The pattern that I am using is for Bella's hat from the movie Twilight. I haven't seen any of the movies and plan to keep it that way. But I love the different knit and crocheted items that the characters wear in the different movies.

In less then a week I am going to start my annual monthly trip down to see the boyfriend. I am very excited to see him again. It has been a little over a month since I saw him. and almost two months since I've been down to see his family and my friends down there. I'm excited it is also my first long trip with my new car, I hope that it makes it both ways without issues.


Attack of the Dinosaur!!

My dinosaur has been coming along nicely for how little consistent time I have to work on it. I've realized that I enjoy making stuffed animals compared to actual useful items like mittens and scarves. I like that I can see the item forming in a few minutes compared to days of work to get just a portion of the project completed.

I just about have my sister's birthday present completed. I will have a picture of it up on here once the event has passed. Until then I will give you this for a picture. 

I might have found my calling? I wish I had some friends that could crochet or knit that way we could get together and make stuffed animals to donate for kids that have nothing. 



I need to figure out how to make my days feel like one day not three. It already feels like it is going to be Wednesday tomorrow. Tomorrow is just Monday.  I feel like I've been up for three days without rest. I really haven't done much other then work. I think it is because I don't do anything but work that my days are running together. Last week was a long week. I just hope that this week doesn't go on forever also.

Yesterday I asked my friend from work who had her baby last December if I could buy her boy an outfit, in hopes of getting over my itch of needing to buy kid/baby clothes. I got the cutest little dinosaur outfit. I hope that he can fit into it now. I think that I'll crochet a dinosaur to go along with it too. Otherwise it wouldn't be a complete gift. I have a ton of yarn to use up still. I'm thinking my ball of blue would work for it. It is my leftovers of my pound skein that I bought about nine years ago. Anyways pictures will come soon. I just need to find a pattern to follow for it. I'm very excited!

I think on Tuesday, I am going to give my green thumb a test run. One of my mother's plants is going to get broken up into two plants. I am going to take one of my spider plants out of it pot and plant it somewhere? Maybe start growing some cucumbers? Who knows where the dirt will take me. I think that it is the changing season that is making me want to go and garden. I kind of like it. I'm just worried that I will kill all of it.


Just around the corner

Spring is in the air, I can feel it in my bones, literally.  My right arm is hurting like none other along with my left. Either the seasons are changing or my body thinks it is much older then it actually is.
                   Maybe both.
But it is getting warmer outside. The snow is melting and grass is being exposed. I have a pot of cat grass growing in my window that my cat won't eat. I have plants that I want to grow.

I want to be able to walk around barefoot in the tall green grass of the yard. I have cucumbers that I want to grow in a garden. I have been craving fresh veggies all winter and have only gotten potatoes, and canned corn and beans. I want to try to grow my own. I am going to try to grow tomatoes, beans, pumpkin, onion, cucumbers, and peas. Maybe my mother will let me take over one of her flower gardens for the summer?

On the knitting and crocheting front, I have done much of nothing. I made a few bookmarks for the books that I am reading, nothing else. I'm still working on my boyfriend's tie, ugliest project ever. It is going to be four feet long once I finish it. I'll need to block it once it is finished also.

Since it is almost Easter, my mother has starting decorating with rabbits, chickens, and ducks all over the upstairs. I am going to contribute my crocheted bunny that I made this past fall/winter. I think that she fits in with the motif that my mother is going for.


Days off

I heart days off. I was somewhat productive today too. I managed to clean my pigsty of a bedroom, do my brother's and mine's laundry, bake cookies, and vacuum the basement. Days off are even better now that it is starting to get nice outside. Soon I'll be able to hang my laundry outside to dry and have my windows open all day long.
Tomorrow is going to be an almost day off. I need to transplant my mom's ivy plant that I got her for Christmas into a larger pot, call the vet about getting Kara a hair cut this month, and wash my car? I also get to work from 515 to 915ish. I hope that work isn't too busy, that way I can get home at a decent time.
Next week for my day off I am going to make scotcharoos/special k bars. I remember really liking them a lot. The cookies that I made this week are Spice Cookies. They are one of my favorite cookies that I've had. Maybe I'll just have a baking day sometime next week.