I just can't stop!

I need to stop starting new projects and start finishing my old projects before I forget about them. Yesterday evening I started yet another project. I am justifying it by saying it will help me with making a chicken toaster cozy. My new creation is a hat that I am making from the bottom up, following close to the same pattern as my mittens. Which I have yet to finish. Here are pictures of how far I am with each of my many creations.

This is what I have done of the blanket I was knitting. Anyways the most recent picture of it. I think that I have maybe two more squares then what is pictured.
This mitten is the closest thing to a complete project that I have going on the stove of yarn projects as of now. All that needs to be done with it is weave in the loose yarn to finish it off and put some green and blue trim on it.

This is the other hand to the brown and black mitten. I decided to do brown and black for one hand and blue and green for the other for an Earth motif. Where there is pollution on one hand and clean water and land on the other. When I am finished making this mitten I am going to put some brown and black trim around the bottom of it and around the flap part and the opposite of that on the brown and black one. This picture is also not the most recent of what it actually looks like. I have the first two fingers done of it.

This it my latest project. I am making a hat for myself that matches my scarf that I made a few years ago. I thought that I used up all of the yarn that matched it when I made the scarf, but I found these two skeins a few days ago and couldn't wait. I think I am about halfway done with this. I was motivated to make a hat yesterday due to have cold it was. I believe the temp. was in the 50's the whole day. Not a "normal" August day.

I'm going to be leaving for a mini vacation this evening so there will be no project completion in the near future. I will not bring my yarn, needles or hook with me. I will have to work on finishing them up on Wednesday when I am back.


brother and sister time

My brother and I a few years ago. He was a freshmen in High School in this picture and I was a Senior in College.

Today I was going to go to Steven's Point with my parents for a little family reunion/open house at my great-aunt and uncles new house. I needed to run to my bank first to deposit my pay check but once I got home my parents were leaving.I was left at home with my little brother whom I have very little in common now. Being left to my own devices, to deal with being upset I made a cake. Then went to find other recipes that I could make for lunch. I found one that my mother had written on that it was from my brother. My brother and I made Bubble Pizza, a recipe that was published in a cooking magazine maybe a decade ago. It was nice to go shopping for the ingredients together to make our lunch. Then we both did different parts of the recipe to get it done faster. We made half of it ground beef and pepperoni and the other half the same with black olives. When we were done eating and watching a movie we took the dogs out for a bike ride/walk for a little while. The dogs are still getting used to having a bike next to them for these types of walks. After all of this bonding that my brother and I did we took a while apart of each other we then parted ways to our own forms of entertainment computers and televisions. Overall it was a nice day spent with my brother.


Ready to leave

Well I am all unpacked at my parents. As unpacked as I want to be. I still want to be able to move with as little trouble as possible. All that I need now is the motivation to get back out into the real world and out of my parents' house. I've been working on my resume in hopes of getting a big kid job in the Madison/Milwaukee area. This is what I got so far.


To obtain the data entry coordinator II position at Convance, Inc.


University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

Bachelor of Arts in History, May 2009

Major: History with Emphasis in Public History

Minors: Music and Art History


Irving L Young Auditorium October 2004-May 2009

House Manager

- Coordinate and ensure smooth operation of the Front of House

      • - Answer patron's questions, ensure their safety and general customer service

Office Assistant August 2008-May 2009

- Schedule co-workers for upcoming events catalogue artwork and keep up to date records or location, condition and value of pieces or work

Bon Ton Stores, Inc August 2007-Present

Sales Associate

- Answer customer questions regarding to sales and merchandise

- Assist with layout of department and setting sales

- Complete sales over the phone to be mailed out

Office of Residents Life August 2005-May 2006

Resident Hall Front Desk Attendant

- Sort incoming mail making phone calls to residents who have received large packages

- Maintain a clean work area

- Checkout equipment to residents


Delta Omicron Fall 2004-Present

Warden 2005-2006

Treasure 2006-2007

Second Vice President 2007-2008

Fundraiser Committee Chair 2008-2009


Star of Delta Omicron 2009

For this job I also have a cover letter written up. I will be submitting my resume along with cover letter this evening, hopefully.


New Project!

Yay for being bored and having nothing better to do. Yesterday when I was done with work I decided not to work on my blanket but to start a new project, Fingerless gloves with a mitten flap. I have included the link to the pattern that I am using that way if any of you are interested in making your own pair you can. In about two hours I completed the glove part of it. I just need to make the mitten flap for one of the gloves and then make its match.This is what it looks like on my hand. If I were to make it for
myself It would need to be a little larger. My hands are a little on the beefy side of women hands.
I think this pair I will keep for myself. This way I will have some of my own work.

Once I am done with this pair I need to work on making a red pair for my boyfriend's mother. She asked me to have a pair of mittens for her a few months ago. Hopefully she'll like something like this. If not then she can make her own, unless I learn a new pattern.


Stick a fork in me...

I'm done.
I don't want to be a working member of society anymore. I am done feeling the need to work. I don't like my costumers they are very messy. I don't like that I have to wear dress shoes that hurt my feet and knees for 6+ hours a day. Pretty much I just want to get out of working retail as much as I am going to be doing these next few days.
I know I need to find something else to fill my "free time" that I will soon have but I want my free time to be just that, free from doing stuff that is stressful on my body. If I can find something that is fun and low impact on my body that would be ideal.
I wouldn't mind working out again, but if work is making my body hate moving then that is out. I have many knitting projects that I have put on the "back burner". Once the weather starts to settle down then I can start those up again. Maybe I'll take up extreme reading. I can read a book in a week or so. That way I can get through my reading list that has been growing longer over the past few years.

Right now I am reading Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti. I was given this book to read by my boyfriend's sister and friend of mine. It is actually a good book that has opened my eyes to how society is anti-women in politics, and pop-culture. I haven't gotten very far in it yet but I'm making progress. I would recommend this book to any female that is able to read.
Well, It is about that time again where I go off to work.


No Yarn For You!

This weather that we are having is being awesome on my hands and knees. It would be nice to have a warm sunny transition back into the swing of things.
I would work on knitting on a day like today, but holding needles for any amount of time would not work out well. I really don't like that I have to plan my indoor recreational activities on the weather outside. I think that is just ridiculous.
Today I get the joy of working. I don't have a day off from work until Monday. I hope that soon my paycheck will reflect my hours that I put in.
My sister has moved out of the house for the year. Now I get to pack up the rest of her stuff that she left in her bedroom and move myself in there. Oh the joy of squatters rights.


Back in the saddle again.

Well I am back from my week long vacation to Southeastern Wisconsin. It was nice to see all of my friends that still live down there.
I realized a few days after I got down there that I didn't pack enough clothes for my stay. Good thing one of my friends and I went shopping in Janesville I got enough shirts for my stay along with a new pair of jeans. So I got to see a bunch of my friends from the Boston Store there. I really miss working there.
Also, while I was in the "South" my boyfriend and I went to Madison to walk around the capital. I have only been there once before. We went all of there place. We got to go on the observation deck and got to see the city from a great view. No buildings are allowed to be taller then the capital building in the city of Madison (anyways that's what I've been told). While at the capital we witnessed a mass. "wedding" of sorts, it was a homosexual rights thing. It was pretty cool to see that going on and no one that I know of was protesting it.
I got to go sailing with my boyfriend's father. He told me that he is going to make be not be as soft-spoken as I am. My boyfriend's family is full of very loud people.
We went to Aztlan. It was very neat. Too bad none of it is original. All of the mounds have been plowed over for farming and was rebuilt . I was very happy to get out of the house and walk around.
I even got to go to the Wisconsin Dells with my boyfriend's family earlier this week. It was very nice of them to let me join them. His family bought us tickets to ride on the Ducks and go to Robot World. We spent so much time in Robot World, it was great fun. The Ducks were great in that you got to see the Upper and Lower Dells.
Now I am back in Chippewa Falls hanging out with my kitten. She really has missed me. I don't think that anyone here has payed much attention to her the week that I was gone.


books, yarn, work, travel?

This week has showed me that I need to find projects to keep my brain going, just because I am out of school doesn't mean that my brain is on vacation. I've finally finished a book that I've been struggling to read for the past four years, A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn. It was a very good well written essay of the United States. It sheds light on how America is not exactly what everyone makes it out to be. In a nut-shell American's are not the "Golden-children" of the world. If there is anyone out there that is interested in politics or history, I suggest reading this book.
Now for fun I am reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. It is so far a really easy read. I have just been reading it for two days and I'm already almost halfway through it. I like that Brown was able to keep the same action packness of this book and put it into the Da Vinci Code.
Now to the yarn side of this week. I haven't done much knitting. I have completed four of my little squares for my blanket that I am making. With that much done I realized that I need to knit many more of them to make a decent size. I think it is going to end up being a mix of different colors, that way I can use up all of the yarn that I have.
Soon I need to start trying to make the pair of mittens that I have been asked to make. I am going to be using the crocheted pattern that I had found earlier in the summer. Hopefully it turns out alright.

Today is my second day on the floor at Younkers. Hopefully I remember how I am to do different things. I hope that who ever I am working with is there until 5:30 tonight that way I can ask them questions that I might have. I just wish that I knew where I was going to be working. I'm a little nervous about that.
On Monday I am going on a week and a half vacation down to see Noah. I am very excited to see him. I hope that we actually go and do something at least one day that I am there. I know that he has plans to start cleaning his house of all the trash that has collected over the years. And he is going to be busy with work. I figure when he is doing his stuff I can go down to Whitewater and see a few friends and stop at Boston Store in Janesville to see a few ex co workers.


a change in the air?

I'm trying a new look of the blog. Expect changes every so often until I find something that I like.
I've realized that I NEED to find a big kid job or go to school. This next week Younkers is just having me work one day and it isn't even a full day of work. I am going to go crazy spending all this time at my parents house. I am going to get another job to keep me busy then in the Spring go to CVTC for accounting. If I am able to save up enough money. Then hopefully move back down to the Watertown area that way I can live by Noah, or even with him and finish up school at MACT. I can't live at my parents for the rest of my life. Even though it would be nice. Its not like they are pushing me to get out of the house and find a job or anything.

This Fall will be spent on putting together my resume and getting it sent out to different employers. I think I'll check out the Madison and Milwaukee areas along with the Chippewa Valley. I am sure that my five years working at Young Auditorium will be worth something in the "real world".

I am excited to go down and visit Noah and his family for a few days. I really wish that I could stay down there longer then five days. I don't want to wear out my welcome with them. Also I have obligations up in Chippewa.


blankets, mittens, new projects?

I've started a new project. I really need to stop doing this. I keep starting new projects and not finishing them.
I am making a baby blanket, not using the typical baby colors. It is going to be a checkered pattern of forest green squares and a dark creme. If I end up liking it I might just make it much larger then a baby blanket and make it for myself or as a Christmas present.
The squares are made with the same pattern that I use for making my dish cloths. Knitted from the corner adding a stitch with each row until I get to 40 stitches across then working my way down to the corner again. I will be making nine of these squares to have the first blanket (the nine squares) done.

I really have no need to make a baby blanket. No one in my family is going to have a child anytime soon. Maybe I'll sell it when I am done with it.
Once I am done with the first blanket then I have a pair of mittens that I need to get cracking on. I was asked to make a pair a few months ago and never got around to it. I found a pattern for crocheted ones that I want to try out.

I will make sure to update all of you on my progress with these two projects along with what else I think would be good to add to my list of current yarn ideas to make. Hopefully I don't go overboard on new projects.