"Turn the Beat Around"

I feel like my life is turning around for the good.

 I just opened my Etsy shop. I am doing a test listing first to see how everything works. I wanted to use something small that people might actually want. My first posting is lot of 25 Bach postage stamps. I really hope that it actually works out. Noah is going to be my searcher of all things and my shipping man, since he had done the whole Ebay thing.

I did finish knitting a new (to me) pattern. It is for a circle dish cloth. It really did not take that much time to complete. I think this will be my new "standard" pattern. On the copy that I have it says that it looks daisy like. I agree. The pattern is also a good stash buster, which is good since I have so many odd skiens left from other dish cloths that I had created.

I finally got the brick trim done in the backyard. Now I need to get a bunch of landscaping fabric and wood chips. This morning I added a few more plants into the arch. I planted seven clusters of Lilly of the Valley. I hope that they can help push out the Creeping Charlie that is in there. I want to plant a Blueberry bush or two back here. Does anyone know if I put some plastic trim around where I want to put the bushes will that keep the Lilly of the Valley out?