What the?

This post is going to go all over the place. just to warn you.

I just don't understand some people's buying habits. I've been at Younkers working a lot more then what I would like to admit. Last week when we had our earn and burn sale going on we had butt loads of people shopping and buying. But this weekend when we are having our Labor Day sale we are no where near as busy with just a few costumers buying off the yellow dot racks. 80% off the markdown price. With the current sale that is going on where all denim is on sale an associate would think that more jeans would be selling then anything else. From what I saw yesterday I was selling just a lot of our heavily discounted items.

I've decided to start giving the postal service some business. I'm starting to write letters/postcards to different people.

I have finished my hat and my mittens/glittens. I still have to finish them off but the hat is fully completed. I have moved on to another hat and the glittens for my boyfriend's mother. I have
about half of one of the glittens completed and somehow it has become the size I would need for my hands. So they are too big for her. I don't think that she would mind. She was very happy to find out that I was making glittens instead of mittens.
If I get them done by the end of the month I think I'll mail both the hat and the glittens down to them. That way they can have them before it starts getting too cold outside. All that I have left to do with this one that is pictured is the remaining three fingers and the mitten flap. I think that I am going to attach buttons to the cuff that way the wearer and secure the flap down and have full use of their fingers. I'm going to need to go button shopping!
I've realized that on my days off I've become the stereotypical 1950's housewife. too bad I live at my parents. All that I do when I am not working is either knit or crochet and cook. I also clean the house a little bit. All that I am missing is wearing a dress and heels while I do this. Maybe I just found my halloween costume?

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