Cat story #2

Today I shall post about my cat, Kara.

Kara was found in Young Auditorium during the early summer season of dance recitals. twice she was able to make it into the building, the first juts in the front lobby and the second time it was onto the stage. She is one smart cookie. My boss at the auditorium then took her home with him and then gave her to one of his friends. Kara then peed on two different couches and needed to find a new home.

The following year I told my boss that I wanted to get a kitten. He had then convinced me that I needed to get a cat and he knew just who to get it from too. He then called his friend and she was more then happy to give her to me. Since she had to replace two couches. I had became the new owner of Kara.

Kara has started living with my parents. The first summer that she stayed with them, they got her a hair cut. She now gets hair cuts at least once a year. She just got one today and it is going to start getting cold. So my mother and I got her two Halloween outfits. She is not to happy with me at this moment. Eventually she will forget what I have done and love me again.

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  1. So... you and your mom go out shopping for cat outfits. That in itself is rather interesting. Ha!

    Aunt Nancy