The Battle is on!

Lemon Meringue Pie

Yesterday I was asked jokingly? by my father to make a lemon meringue pie sine I have the day off. It has been a few years since I tried to make that beast. What happened the last time I made it the filling didn't become a solid. So we had Lemon Meringue soup pie.

I decided to take on the challenge. I was armed with a foodnetwork recipe by Alton Brown, any recipe by him is easy to follow and tasty.I read it over and found it to be fairly simple. I just needed to buy a pie crust. I wasn't going to go all Suzy Homemaker today.

I first separated the eggs then moved onto the water and corn starch. That was when the pie struck its first attack back. The pot holding the water and corn starch fell to the floor.

Was that the end of the battle?

No I fought back by dumping out what didn't end up on the floor and re-measured the water and cornstarch then added the needed amount of sugar to the pot. Then started the long mixing process. Stirring for what seemed like hours until the mixture became a semi solid. Once that happened I added around half of it to my egg yokes.

When I got to this step I realized that my crust wasn't ready for the filling. I needed to quickly bake the crust and have it ready by the time the filling was set. This was the pie's retaliation against my determination to win the fight.

Would I give up now?

I quickly unrolled the crust and formed it to the pie pan and poked holes in it with my fork. While it cooked I read on with the recipe and found out that I also forgot to make the meringue for the topping! That's two blows against me! Since I was done with the filling I needed to think fast. I placed the filling onto of the burner that has the over vent that way it would stay warm while the meringue was being made. I was very pleased to find that it only took a few minutes to complete.

I decided that the crust didn't need to bake all the way through since it was going to bake with the rest of the pie latter on. I took it out 4 minutes early and poured in the filling and scooped on the meringue. I was winning!

Once I got the meringue on and looking how I wanted it to, I popped it into the oven and started clean up. After 11 minutes in the over it came out looking perfect.
All that is left now it to let it cool and serve it up for dessert tonight! I won't know it have actually won the battle until then. As of right now I have won.

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