What I've learned

Being out of school has taught me a few things.

1) Weekends/days off are a luxury.
These days are not to be taken for granted. In the real world your boss doesn't care that you aren't feeling well, or that you don't feel like working. They are there to run a business and if you aren't feeling up to working then you can be replaced.

2) Just because I don't have anything to do for the day doesn't mean I want to work.
See number 1. These are the days that I recharge and get done things that I wasn't able to do on days when I work.
  • Laundry
  • clean my room
  • finish my projects

3) Cooking for people is very rewarding.
I enjoy cooking for people to eat a meal with me. Living on my own was fun but I wasn't able to cook for anyone but myself.

4)People drive safely around school zones, no where else.
There could be gusts of wind knocking down traffic lights and the guy next to you will still drive 70+ while eating and talking on the phone. But make the same weather conditions and this guy will stop what he is doing and look for children.

5)Bills are not fun. Maybe Bill the man is fun but not paying them.
They come out from no where and don't really make that much sense.

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