It's Growing

This is what my Milkweed project piece has turned into. It has grown a lot compared to the last time that I have posted on it. It is almost as long as I am tall (five nine/ten). Once I am done with the row that I am currently on I am going to attach different buttons that are different shades of white. There are some white, clear, light brown/off white. I think I am going to attach them in long loops of different lengths. That way I am add more depth to it.

I am worried that I will not get it done in time to be added to the milkweed pod. I have been
looking at the different completed projects on the artist's blog and there are some very impressive entries. I hope that mine is not too simple looking. There is one entry that was completed by a knitter in New York that does pieces for Broadway productions. And that piece is awesome looking. It is very intimidating reading the bios of all these great knitters and crocheters.

I just hope that my work will measure up to their works.

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