Milkweed Project

I have just become a participant in the Stitches and Sticks Milkweed Project. I just started my entry for the project. I am going to do a piece that looks like fish scales or fans. With what I am doing it isn't going to be a flat piece. It is curling around itself as of now.
This is what my piece looks like now.

I only have three rows done or it and the piece, from what I've read on another blog that needs to be at least three feet long but on the homesite it can be as long as I want it to be. I think I'm going to try to use up my ball of yarn that I am using. I am going to be collaborating with artist Shan Bryan-Hanson.
I hope to have it done in time so that way it can be added into the Milkweed before it is too late. Except to see more pictures as my project grows.

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