Things that I've found

I have found out...

that by wishing that time would stretch, yesterday, that it did in fact do that. Too bad it was while I was at work trying to close my section of the store. I ended up getting out of there at 9:45 when the store closes at 9:00.
that one can find a pattern for just about everything, except a chicken toaster cozy. I really hope that by creating this it won't become the bane of my existence. How could something that cool not already be created somewhere in the world?

While I was looking for the chicken I came across a website that offers free patterns for just about everything that one would want to crochet. I am now working on a little owl that is titled The Cutes Little Owl.
I am using this owl as a practice piece for when I make a cat for my older sister. She made a remark the last time that she at at home that I make everything for my boyfriend and his family and nothing for my own. Something to that effect. I just need to go and buy some eyeballs and a hook for the piece for my sister then I think I'll be all set to get to work.

I have found that sleeping with the dogs really isn't as bad as I thought it would be. They don't lick me like Kara, my cat, does. They just don't let me have all the covers or all of the bed.
It is much harder to saw no to someone on the phone at work then at home. Especially if it is about working for someone. I got rid of my hours on Friday so that way I can actually get some stuff done around the house and tell my father something that I have waited all week to do. This week I have been at work when he is at home and awake. By picking up these hours I will now have 37 and some min. hours this week. Gross. Next week will be a little less with maybe 30 hours. Good thing this week is going by pretty fast.

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