blankets, mittens, new projects?

I've started a new project. I really need to stop doing this. I keep starting new projects and not finishing them.
I am making a baby blanket, not using the typical baby colors. It is going to be a checkered pattern of forest green squares and a dark creme. If I end up liking it I might just make it much larger then a baby blanket and make it for myself or as a Christmas present.
The squares are made with the same pattern that I use for making my dish cloths. Knitted from the corner adding a stitch with each row until I get to 40 stitches across then working my way down to the corner again. I will be making nine of these squares to have the first blanket (the nine squares) done.

I really have no need to make a baby blanket. No one in my family is going to have a child anytime soon. Maybe I'll sell it when I am done with it.
Once I am done with the first blanket then I have a pair of mittens that I need to get cracking on. I was asked to make a pair a few months ago and never got around to it. I found a pattern for crocheted ones that I want to try out.

I will make sure to update all of you on my progress with these two projects along with what else I think would be good to add to my list of current yarn ideas to make. Hopefully I don't go overboard on new projects.

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