Back in the saddle again.

Well I am back from my week long vacation to Southeastern Wisconsin. It was nice to see all of my friends that still live down there.
I realized a few days after I got down there that I didn't pack enough clothes for my stay. Good thing one of my friends and I went shopping in Janesville I got enough shirts for my stay along with a new pair of jeans. So I got to see a bunch of my friends from the Boston Store there. I really miss working there.
Also, while I was in the "South" my boyfriend and I went to Madison to walk around the capital. I have only been there once before. We went all of there place. We got to go on the observation deck and got to see the city from a great view. No buildings are allowed to be taller then the capital building in the city of Madison (anyways that's what I've been told). While at the capital we witnessed a mass. "wedding" of sorts, it was a homosexual rights thing. It was pretty cool to see that going on and no one that I know of was protesting it.
I got to go sailing with my boyfriend's father. He told me that he is going to make be not be as soft-spoken as I am. My boyfriend's family is full of very loud people.
We went to Aztlan. It was very neat. Too bad none of it is original. All of the mounds have been plowed over for farming and was rebuilt . I was very happy to get out of the house and walk around.
I even got to go to the Wisconsin Dells with my boyfriend's family earlier this week. It was very nice of them to let me join them. His family bought us tickets to ride on the Ducks and go to Robot World. We spent so much time in Robot World, it was great fun. The Ducks were great in that you got to see the Upper and Lower Dells.
Now I am back in Chippewa Falls hanging out with my kitten. She really has missed me. I don't think that anyone here has payed much attention to her the week that I was gone.

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