New Project!

Yay for being bored and having nothing better to do. Yesterday when I was done with work I decided not to work on my blanket but to start a new project, Fingerless gloves with a mitten flap. I have included the link to the pattern that I am using that way if any of you are interested in making your own pair you can. In about two hours I completed the glove part of it. I just need to make the mitten flap for one of the gloves and then make its match.This is what it looks like on my hand. If I were to make it for
myself It would need to be a little larger. My hands are a little on the beefy side of women hands.
I think this pair I will keep for myself. This way I will have some of my own work.

Once I am done with this pair I need to work on making a red pair for my boyfriend's mother. She asked me to have a pair of mittens for her a few months ago. Hopefully she'll like something like this. If not then she can make her own, unless I learn a new pattern.

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  1. Bridget,
    If you need knitting pattern books - I have plenty that I can loan to you. Also, just books in general, Dan and I and Michael have more books piled up around the house than I care to admit. Send me your reading list!
    Re: The Woes of Retail. Maybe you should talk to Aunt Sandy. She has worked in retail since she was a baby. I am sure she can offer you some encouragement and advice on how to handle customers. Enjoy your life - when handed lemons, make a drink!
    Love, Aunt Nancy