brother and sister time

My brother and I a few years ago. He was a freshmen in High School in this picture and I was a Senior in College.

Today I was going to go to Steven's Point with my parents for a little family reunion/open house at my great-aunt and uncles new house. I needed to run to my bank first to deposit my pay check but once I got home my parents were leaving.I was left at home with my little brother whom I have very little in common now. Being left to my own devices, to deal with being upset I made a cake. Then went to find other recipes that I could make for lunch. I found one that my mother had written on that it was from my brother. My brother and I made Bubble Pizza, a recipe that was published in a cooking magazine maybe a decade ago. It was nice to go shopping for the ingredients together to make our lunch. Then we both did different parts of the recipe to get it done faster. We made half of it ground beef and pepperoni and the other half the same with black olives. When we were done eating and watching a movie we took the dogs out for a bike ride/walk for a little while. The dogs are still getting used to having a bike next to them for these types of walks. After all of this bonding that my brother and I did we took a while apart of each other we then parted ways to our own forms of entertainment computers and televisions. Overall it was a nice day spent with my brother.

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