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This week has showed me that I need to find projects to keep my brain going, just because I am out of school doesn't mean that my brain is on vacation. I've finally finished a book that I've been struggling to read for the past four years, A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn. It was a very good well written essay of the United States. It sheds light on how America is not exactly what everyone makes it out to be. In a nut-shell American's are not the "Golden-children" of the world. If there is anyone out there that is interested in politics or history, I suggest reading this book.
Now for fun I am reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. It is so far a really easy read. I have just been reading it for two days and I'm already almost halfway through it. I like that Brown was able to keep the same action packness of this book and put it into the Da Vinci Code.
Now to the yarn side of this week. I haven't done much knitting. I have completed four of my little squares for my blanket that I am making. With that much done I realized that I need to knit many more of them to make a decent size. I think it is going to end up being a mix of different colors, that way I can use up all of the yarn that I have.
Soon I need to start trying to make the pair of mittens that I have been asked to make. I am going to be using the crocheted pattern that I had found earlier in the summer. Hopefully it turns out alright.

Today is my second day on the floor at Younkers. Hopefully I remember how I am to do different things. I hope that who ever I am working with is there until 5:30 tonight that way I can ask them questions that I might have. I just wish that I knew where I was going to be working. I'm a little nervous about that.
On Monday I am going on a week and a half vacation down to see Noah. I am very excited to see him. I hope that we actually go and do something at least one day that I am there. I know that he has plans to start cleaning his house of all the trash that has collected over the years. And he is going to be busy with work. I figure when he is doing his stuff I can go down to Whitewater and see a few friends and stop at Boston Store in Janesville to see a few ex co workers.

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