I just can't stop!

I need to stop starting new projects and start finishing my old projects before I forget about them. Yesterday evening I started yet another project. I am justifying it by saying it will help me with making a chicken toaster cozy. My new creation is a hat that I am making from the bottom up, following close to the same pattern as my mittens. Which I have yet to finish. Here are pictures of how far I am with each of my many creations.

This is what I have done of the blanket I was knitting. Anyways the most recent picture of it. I think that I have maybe two more squares then what is pictured.
This mitten is the closest thing to a complete project that I have going on the stove of yarn projects as of now. All that needs to be done with it is weave in the loose yarn to finish it off and put some green and blue trim on it.

This is the other hand to the brown and black mitten. I decided to do brown and black for one hand and blue and green for the other for an Earth motif. Where there is pollution on one hand and clean water and land on the other. When I am finished making this mitten I am going to put some brown and black trim around the bottom of it and around the flap part and the opposite of that on the brown and black one. This picture is also not the most recent of what it actually looks like. I have the first two fingers done of it.

This it my latest project. I am making a hat for myself that matches my scarf that I made a few years ago. I thought that I used up all of the yarn that matched it when I made the scarf, but I found these two skeins a few days ago and couldn't wait. I think I am about halfway done with this. I was motivated to make a hat yesterday due to have cold it was. I believe the temp. was in the 50's the whole day. Not a "normal" August day.

I'm going to be leaving for a mini vacation this evening so there will be no project completion in the near future. I will not bring my yarn, needles or hook with me. I will have to work on finishing them up on Wednesday when I am back.

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