a change in the air?

I'm trying a new look of the blog. Expect changes every so often until I find something that I like.
I've realized that I NEED to find a big kid job or go to school. This next week Younkers is just having me work one day and it isn't even a full day of work. I am going to go crazy spending all this time at my parents house. I am going to get another job to keep me busy then in the Spring go to CVTC for accounting. If I am able to save up enough money. Then hopefully move back down to the Watertown area that way I can live by Noah, or even with him and finish up school at MACT. I can't live at my parents for the rest of my life. Even though it would be nice. Its not like they are pushing me to get out of the house and find a job or anything.

This Fall will be spent on putting together my resume and getting it sent out to different employers. I think I'll check out the Madison and Milwaukee areas along with the Chippewa Valley. I am sure that my five years working at Young Auditorium will be worth something in the "real world".

I am excited to go down and visit Noah and his family for a few days. I really wish that I could stay down there longer then five days. I don't want to wear out my welcome with them. Also I have obligations up in Chippewa.

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