Stick a fork in me...

I'm done.
I don't want to be a working member of society anymore. I am done feeling the need to work. I don't like my costumers they are very messy. I don't like that I have to wear dress shoes that hurt my feet and knees for 6+ hours a day. Pretty much I just want to get out of working retail as much as I am going to be doing these next few days.
I know I need to find something else to fill my "free time" that I will soon have but I want my free time to be just that, free from doing stuff that is stressful on my body. If I can find something that is fun and low impact on my body that would be ideal.
I wouldn't mind working out again, but if work is making my body hate moving then that is out. I have many knitting projects that I have put on the "back burner". Once the weather starts to settle down then I can start those up again. Maybe I'll take up extreme reading. I can read a book in a week or so. That way I can get through my reading list that has been growing longer over the past few years.

Right now I am reading Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti. I was given this book to read by my boyfriend's sister and friend of mine. It is actually a good book that has opened my eyes to how society is anti-women in politics, and pop-culture. I haven't gotten very far in it yet but I'm making progress. I would recommend this book to any female that is able to read.
Well, It is about that time again where I go off to work.

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