What a weekend.

This past weekend was perfect. Well nearly. On Thursday when I was done working I drove down to Tomah to spend the night and bring my boyfriend back up to my parents. It felt so great seeing him and holding him in my arms again. I didn't want to let him go.
On Friday we drove back up to Chippewa and made an apple pie with homemade crust. Hardest thing I've made. I am not going to make crust again. After dinner we went to my little brother's football game. It was cold and damp so we stayed through the first half. Then we went to
Heckles' for a little something to hold us over until our movie. We saw Zombieland. It was awesome. A pretty funny movie.
I had to work on Saturday. Good thing it was just until 12:30. My boyfriend got to spend the
morning with my mother and older sister. They went to the Farmer's Market for a few hours. That was were he got me some flowers. When I was done with work we then drove up to visit our friend Cody who lives in Port Wing.

Almost the farthest North someone can live in Wisconsin. It was a very beautiful drive up
there. Almost all of the trees have changed colors. We stopped in Hayward. I showed Noah the Giant Musky.

We were going to go into the museum that they have there but it was closed when we got there. We finally made it up to Lake Superior/Port Wing around 5pm. We made Cody have a fire in his fireplace, the second that he has had there.
Today we drove back to Chippewa first stopping in Hayward again at what I thought to be Coop's
but was actually Cooper's. I was all excited about getting pizza from Coop's. The two building are about a block and a half away from each other. And they look alike The only difference is the er. When we made it back to my parents it was time for dinner. When we were done eating and getting Noah's travel set for how he was going to get back home. I needed to take him back to Tomah to catch the train tomorrow morning.

It was a nice weekend with my boyfriend. I cannot wait until I go down to see him for my birthday in less then two weeks!

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