some thoughts.

I now know what I am going to spend most of my yarn doing. I am going to make granny square blankets! I found a pattern that hopefully I can follow. I am going to combine it with the "traditional" pattern that I know. I think that they would make great presents and use much of the yarn that I already have. 

Good-bye Dead Lady yarn, Hello new yarn!

I can' wait to get some new hip yarn that is fun and not a pain to use. 
I also have a set of mittens to make along with some scarves that I should be making for different people or to sell.
 This year I haven't completed much of anything that I've set out to do. Except I did pass the one class that I needed to. I am now an "official" graduate from University of Wisconsin Whitewater. and it only took five years to complete. I now need to figure out what I need to do still to go to Red Wing. I know I need to make a few phone calls and get some papers released to them from here. 

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